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Beirut in a State of Flux: currently on-hold, the Art Scene anticipates Re-openings for February 2021

Beirut’s art scene saw a true comeback during the holiday season of December 2020, with many art galleries opening exhibitions and launching new art shows by local artists. While some of these shows are still ongoing, Lebanon is currently under lockdown amidst a surge of coronavirus cases. Since the aforementioned art shows are on hold, this article reflects on the exhibitions of the recent past and anticipates the re-openings scheduled for February 2021.

Interview with Maie El-Hage, the Art Historian and Curator from Lebanon

Maie El-Hage is an architect and art historian, with a Master of Arts degree in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex in the UK, and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the American University of Beirut. She is currently working in Talent Management, and is the region’s representative of several Arab and European artists. Based in Beirut, Maie teaches Art History and Architectural Drawing courses at the Lebanese American University. We had a chance to interview Maie and learn more about her journey and get the insights on the art scene in Lebanon.

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