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Sacha Jafri King Charles III Coronation dubai art dritish embassy in UAE coronation

Commission of the Century: Sacha Jafri, Commissioned by the British Embassy in UAE to Create HRH King Charles III Coronation Painting

Sacha Jafri, one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, has been commissioned by the British Embassy in UAE to create this historic piece as a very personal gift for the ruling family of Dubai. “World Artist Of The Year” winner, Jafri, the Dubai-based British artist, started working live on the painting entitled, “King Charles III Coronation”, during the UAE’s British Embassy official Coronation celebrations in May 2023.

Useless Palace

Inloco Initiative (“in-loco” – in the proper place, Latin), the team renowned for its innovative approach to
showcasing contemporary art, delighted art fanatics earlier this year with the spectacular debut of its first pop-up
in Al Quoz. The grand opening in late January 2023 drew an outstanding number of visitors who were captivated
by the gallery’s exceptional collection.

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