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Day: July 3, 2023

“BE WATER” by JE Yeoran, LI Qing, Tatsuma TAKEDA, ZHANG XU Zhan at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

For the exhibition Be Water, the gallery has brought together four artists from East Asia: Zhang Xu Zhan (Taiwan), Je Yeoran (Korea), Li Qing (China), and Tatsuma Takeda (Japan).
They all work in different media and in different cultural contexts, which allows us to form a wide web of aesthetic and contentual interpretations around the idea of water as paradox.

Bally Foundation’s New Art-Filled Paradise at Lake Lugano

The Bally Foundation is pleased to announce the imminent opening of its new headquarters at Villa Heleneum in Lugano on 20 April. This opening marks the beginning of a new important phase in the foundation’s evolution. After 17 years, it will finally have a permanent home in an exceptional location on the shores of Lake Lugano. Since 2006, the foundation’s mission has been to promote art and culture by highlighting themes important to Bally, such as innovation, support for creativity, and environmental awareness.

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