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Day: October 2, 2023

Timelessness of the Church art exhibition dubai

Middle Eastern Artists Launched ‘Timelessness of the Church’ Exhibition to Celebrate Religious Tolerance and Spiritual Unity

Dubai-based Behnoode Foundation partners with Middle Eastern Artists from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria and the United Kingdom, and launched a capsule art exhibition called Timelessness of the Church to celebrate religious tolerance and spiritual unity.

The exhibition happened this September 2023 at St. Barnabus Church in Pimlico, Central London in the City of Westminster.

Microsoft Surface The Giving Movement

Microsoft Surface Partners with The Giving Movement to Elevate Back-to-School Tech and Fashion

Microsoft Surface, a brand synonymous with innovation and empowerment, announced a collaboration with The Giving Movement for this year’s Back-to-School season. Rooted in a shared commitment to empower individuals worldwide to achieve more, this partnership bridges the gap between technology and fashion, allowing users to express themselves in new and exciting ways.

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