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From intricate henna designs to traditional calligraphy to contemporary art and photography, the art of the United Arab Emirates is a beautiful expression of the country’s cultural heritage. Dr. Rafia Ghubash, an Emirati woman who is both an educator and a leader, has created a beautiful collection of 300 artworks of a 100 Emirati artists at the recently opened Creativity House in Dubai.

The UAE is home to a thriving community of Emirati and expat artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms , taking inspiration from the rich heritage.
By showing the creativity and talent of Emirati artists and promoting their work also helps to foster cultural exchange and understanding. Art is a universal language that transcends cultural differences and brings people together, and by promoting Emirati art, the world can discover the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Dr. Rafiya Gubash has dedicated her knowledge and experience to supporting and promoting Emirati artists as well as the history of Emirati women at her museum The Women’s Museum at Bait al Banat. Through her work she plays a crucial role in shaping the country’s art community and raising its profile on the international stage.
Dr. Gubash has a deep understanding of the history and cultural significance of Emirati art, and she is committed to sharing this knowledge with others. She has been instrumental in organizing exhibitions, talks, and workshops that showcase the work of local artists and provide opportunities for them to engage with the public. She chose the house of her mother to establish the Creativity House, some rooms serve as a cultural museum and others showcase the art.

Supporting emerging Emirati artists is one of the main philosophies at the Creativity House and this is what some of the participating artists say about the opportunity to show their work there.

Salama Al Hosani, Contemporary Emirati Artist

Creativity House has a beautiful collection of both well known and upcoming Emirati artists. As an emerging artist, I feel privileged having my artwork displayed under the same roof as prominent artists like Abulqeder Alrais, Dr. Najat Makki and Fatma Lootah.  I’d like to thank Dr. Rafia for giving us this amazing opportunity -adds Salama Al Hosani

Ghafa by Salama Al Hosani
80×140, mixed media

Obaid Alsada, Emirati Landscape Photographer

I had the opportunity to show my work at the Creativity House thanks to Dr Rafia Obaid Ghubash. She always gives the art community the necessary support, both to Emaraties and artists around the globe.

I decided to take photos of how Dubai was In the past, in the early morning I managed to book a ferry tour, In Area called Alras and to go the other side of Dubai which is called Alfahidi. Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building and home to one of the most prominent museums in Dubai, dating back to the year 1787, when it was the seat of the ruler of the emirate, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Later the fort was restored in 1971, after which it became a museum that shows the history of Dubai and its authentic heritage, as it is considered a rich source of historical and ancient information for the region, as it shares with the visitors the daily life of the inhabitants of the region in the past. The museum includes many artifacts and ancient weapons, and sheds light on the period of the pearl trade in Dubai.

Saif Alsadah, Contemporary Emirati Artist

I have been mostly participating in Exhibits that are temporary. This place provides a sense of permanence of our art in a place that is also deeply rooted in the City with its architecture and memory of the neiborhood. 
Being among Artists from all over the UAE ranging from the early generation of Artists to the new generation strengthens the identity of the Emirati art scene and projects stronger to the public both individually and collectively.

Promoting Emirati art both locally and internationally is essential for preserving the country’s cultural heritage. Showcasing its art scene allows to foster cultural exchange and understanding and supporting the growth of the country’s creative economy. By raising awareness of the beauty, importance and value of Emirati art, Creativity House helps to ensure that it is appreciated and celebrated for generations to come.

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