Emirati artist Abdulqader Alrais
Enjoy the art of some of the most prominent Emarati artists and discover the art scene in United Arab Emirates.

As United Arab Emirates celebrate the 49th National Day, we would like to share the list of our favorite Emarati artists to discover on Instagram. Each one of them has their own unique style and uses their art to celebrate Emarati culture and heritage.

Abdulqader Alrais

Emirati artist online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Abdulqader Alrais is an award-winning Emirati painter famous for his abstract art which combines geometric shapes with Arabic calligraphy as well as more recent watercolor landscapes. Abdulqader Alrais is one of the most respected Emarati artists who has shaped the art scene and inspired next generation of artists.

Abdulqader Alrais is a founding member of the Emirates Fine Art Society and is considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary art in the Emirates.

Follow the artist’s work on @AbdulqaderAlrais

Fatma Abdullah Lootah

Emirati artist Fatma Lootah online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Fatma Lootah is one of key figured in the United Arab Emirates art scene. Her art work is celebrated both in her home country as well as abroad. She has a distinctive style of painting her portraits using vibrant paints, dyes and gold leaf. Some of her paintings have been featured on the Time Square in New York as a part of the project By Nasdaq aimed to promoted Emarati art.
Fatma Lootah is a true cultural ambassador and and a great conversationalist so you will enjoy chatting to her about art and culture at her art studio in al Fahidi area. Her art exhibitions are always the highlight of Sikka Art Fair.
Discover Fatma Lootah’s work on @FatmaLootah

Mattar Bin Lahej

Emirati artist mattar bin lahaj online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Mattar Bin Lahej is one of the most prominent Emarati artists known both for his paintings, photography as well as scuplture. He shows his passion for Arabic language through traditional calligraphy that he reinvents in new innovative ways. He is also promoting art by conducting art classes for children. Find the Emarati artist at the Mattar bin Lahej art gallery and follow on @MattarBinLahej

Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi

Emirati artist Hamdan al Shamsi online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Hamdan has been experimenting with different media whether it is screen printing, paper making or digital art. His Instagram account reflects his personal and artistic explorations that show his love for his country and culture through his poetic art. Hamdan can be spotted at Tashkeel art gallery when he is not creating in his hometown, Al Ain.

Follow Hamdan on @Hamdaany

Khawla Darwish

Emirati artist Khawla Darwish online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Khawla Darwish is a talented Emarati artist known for various depictions of human heart realised in different media. She takes inspiration from her personal story of loss of a family member. She can often be seen at Sikka Art Fair and other important art events in United Arab Emirates.

Follow Khawla’s art journey on @KhawlaDarwish

Zeinab Al Hashemi

Emirati artist Zainab al Hashemi online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Zeinab Al Hashemi is an Emarati conceptual artist and designer. She specializes on installations, spatial art and modern sculpture. Zainab is one of the most active Emirati’s in the local art scene who works hard to create pieces that captivate and interact with the viewer.

Follow the artist on @Zalhashemi

Khaled Al Jabri

Emirati artist Khaled al jabber online art magazine Arte & lusso dubai artist

Khaled is an Abu Dhabi based Emarati cartoonist who uses his distinctive style to create witty drawings that show every day life in UAE. Some of his cartoons are a bit controversial, especially those that discuss relationships or our addictions to phones and social media. That is why he always gets heated discussions in the comments as many seem to be touched by his thought provoking work.
Follow Khaled’s work on @KhaledAlJabri

These seven Emarati artists are greatly contributing to promoting Emarati culture both in the United Arab Emirates and abroad with their creativity and dedication.

I hope you enjoy discovering their art and learning something new about the Emarati traditions.

Stay inspired,

Slava Noor