Morbart is the artistic name of Dawid Gurbowicz, an artist from Poland, who is now based in Italy. His northern European origins are reflected on canvas and mixed with the Italian’s religious beliefs, to create a perfect balance of sacred imagens and graffiti art, to answer universal questions about the humanity and his place on this planet.

From a very young age, Morb has been interested in art and all of its diverse facets. In addition to painting, there is also an immense passion for poetry and music, which is his current occupation. During his adolescence, he approached the world Street Art and graffiti. Later this influence of the Street had an effect on his natural artistic maturation that enabled him to transfer this passion into canvas.

Street art, typical of the artist’s youthful background, is literally “torn” from the urban walls and revived within a circumscribed and elegant environment like the painting: the effect is just as direct and controversial. Canvas is not the only support the artist uses for his creations; the Hope Crisis series, composed of votive wax Madonnas, is an example.

In his series, ‘Hope Crisis’, Mobart presents his art based on the important themes of environmentalism, where he hopes to show the materialization of human belief using wax and votive figures. He hopes that this form of street art will raise questions about the importance of preserving the environment, and by placing them in mysterious places of Christian relevance in Italy, he hopes to portray the hope of redemption and for a better future.

From the artist’s works emerges a strong desire for the critical analysis of man, which through his comments generates a gradual and adverse destruction of the reality that surrounds him.

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