Dubai’s premier fresh food market, the Waterfront Market, and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) are delighted to announce the winner of the fifth edition of the Murals and Art Competition.

This edition’s theme focused on the future of Dubai following Expo Dubai 2020 – The World’s Greatest Show and its incredible success of bringing the world together for the largest global gathering since the pandemic. Artists were encouraged to be inspired by the magnitude of Expo 2020 and unleash their creativity to showcase their vision of what the future of Dubai could look like. Following an overwhelming response, judges were able to shortlist five entries and were unanimous in their decision to award the winning prize of AED 30,000 to Sudheer Perinjat for his work titled ‘My Dubai, My Confidence’.

Sudheer Perinjat, The Waterfront Market Murals and Art Competition fifth edition winner said: “I am honoured and overwhelmed to have my mural permanently displayed at the Waterfront Market. Revealing my winning mural as part of the Dubai Art Season is definitely a milestone which I will cherish forever. It took me 100 hours to complete the mural and I am grateful to be able to share my art with the world and celebrate the future of Dubai.”

Dr. Saeed Mubarak Kharbash Al Marri, CEO of the Arts and Literature Sector at Dubai Culture, affirmed the role played by the Murals and Art Competition in promoting visual culture and the spirit of innovation in Dubai, saying: “After five editions, the competition has become an innovative platform capable of attracting artistic talent, enabling them to express their imagination and creativity and inviting them to celebrate the arts that reflect passion and represent innovation and change. Through the competition, we seek to enrich Dubai’s creative identity, as it is in line with the Dubai Public Art Strategy aimed at transforming the emirate into a global art gallery that is open and accessible to all, with its unique experiences capable of adding to the emirate’s art scene. At Dubai Culture, we take pride in our partnership with the Waterfront Market, and the resulting murals adorned with the face of Dubai. We are supporting talent, and shedding light on the cultural and creative industries.”

Mohammad Al Madani, Waterfront Market Manager, said: “Celebrating local homegrown talent and giving the spotlight to their work is an integral part of what we do at the Waterfront Market. We are firm believers of bringing the community together and our Murals and Art Competition is a testament to that. Transforming the Waterfront Market into an open art museum for our visitors to enjoy and admire the art is our plan and we are proud to see the competition growing year on year and the amount of talent our beloved country has to offer.”

A panel of judges chosen for their passion in supporting and growing the local art scene, including Khalil Abdulwahid Hassan, Director of the Fine Arts Department at Dubai Culture, artist and Waterfront Market’s Senior Marketing Officer Maitha Almarri and Lachlan Gyde, Executive Director – Asset Manager, Ithra Dubai LLC selected the winner of the competition’s fifth edition.

A success since the outset five years ago, the Waterfront Market’s Murals and Art Competition aims to inspire the community and encourage budding artists and art enthusiasts throughout the UAE to engage with the wider creative community. 

The annual competition is part of the Waterfront Market’s community-focused initiatives, which is embedded in the Market’s DNA and is supported by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

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