Petersburg artist created a flag from medical masks.

Manifesto: Flag 2020

Now, like never before, it’s scary to be in the hospital.

Private clinics raise the price of services. Medicines are becoming more expensive or even become scarce. People get nervous, show aggression to pharmacists.

Many have already stopped trusting the information flow so much that they do not want to believe in the existence of the problem, preferring to ignore the recommended security measures. Pensioners crowd in shops, buying up products. I have never seen such a cluster of them before.

The field of medicine is under tremendous strain. Doctors work seven days a week, some of them get sick, but continue to receive a rapidly growing number of patients. However, often they do not have the necessary personal protective equipment.

I am ashamed to realize that in the 21st century, people are forced to sew protective masks on their own from improvised materials, because now they have become a scarce commodity.

The first commandment of any epidemic is “Protect the doctor.” And she was ignored by the state. And this is just the beginning.”

Artist Instagram @ottomaks