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The Art Encounters Biennial art culture exhibition

The Art Encounters Biennial

The fifth edition of the Art Encounters Biennial – My Rhino Is Not a Myth. art science fictions – which will take place between May 19 and July 16, 2023, is dedicated to the intersection of art, science, and fiction, exploring their potential to recover reality as a web of complex processes. Curated by Adrian Notz together with a group of young curators, this year’s edition will take place over eight weeks, between May 19 and July 16, 2023, bringing together artists from 21 countries, 13 of which with new, specially designed works for this event.

The CARRé D’ART Turns 30

The Carré d’Art will turn thirty on May 9, 2023. Its building, designed by English architect Lord Norman Foster, makes a strong architectural statement. It presides over the heart of the city, on the site of the ancient Roman forum and temple, from which it derives its name, the Maison Carré “The Square House”.

art paris

Art Paris — the First Sustainably Designed Art Fair

Art Paris is a regional art fair that gives pride of place to proximity, drawing local visitors and favouring local transport solutions. In 2022 Art Paris, which is organised by France Conventions, committed to implementing a sustainable approach based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) in what was a first for an art fair.
This pioneering initiative was entrusted to Karbone Prod, founded by Fanny Legros, which joined forces with environmental consultants Solinnen.

2023 Taoyuan International Art Award

15 Finalists from 62 Countries Running for the “2023 Taoyuan International Art Award” and a Total Prize of NTD 1.45 Million

15 finalists from 62 countries will be running for the title of “2023 Taoyuan International Art Award” winners and a total prize of NTD 1.45 million. Despite the challenge imposed by the pandemic, the 2nd edition of the art award has successfully attracted 687 artworks worldwide to participate with a growth rate of over 13% for the number of submissions received. The award exhibition is looking to run from March 21st  to April 30th 2023 at Taoyuan Arts Center, Taiwan, the final winners will also be announced on-site.

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