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Learn what social media channels you should use as an artist as a part of your marketing strategy.

There are so many social media channels out there and picking the right platforms  is essential for every artist’s marketing strategy. Do you have to be on every possible channel? Absolutely not! However, you need to understand the main features of every channel and pick the best for you depending on your goals.

dubai-based-italian-artist-manasse-gallery-27 artist boot camp arte 8 lusso
Dubai based Italian artist Manasse at Gallery 27


Instagram is a number one social network for artists due to its visual nature. In order to have a professional profile, use high quality engaging content  that reflects your personal brand, post regularly and engage your followers. 
Shift your mindest from simply sharing your artwork towards engaging your followers. How? You can ask them questions like what artwork they prefer, which style they like, what inspired them today and so on. This way you build a closer relationship with your followers (and potential buyers)  and understand better what products or services have better response. The more comments you have the more IG algorithms will love you and the higher chance to show in discover feed or top in your hashtags
Take a full advantage of stories and share all the content that does not always make it to posts- your daily routine, your thoughts, artwork in progress and so on.  


When it comes to FB you have three separate tools: your profile, your professional page as well as groups. 
Your personal profile can support your professional page. Use all the features  to show your work:  the cover image should have your artwork with a proper caption and a link to your website. 
Your FB page allows you to create albums for better organization 

Art related Groups are great for engaging with your collegues both locally and internationally. Think sharing tips, asking questions and supporting each other on your creative journey. You can also join local groups for journalists/PR in order to find the right people representing brands you want to pitch a collaboration idea or a journalist to share your art relates story. Groups related to interests like moms groups or divers groups may also be a good idea if you offer art classes for kids or paintings of underwater animals, respectively.

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Use fab groups to connect with PR professionals and journalists
Photo courtesy Julia Smolenkova


Tiktok is great for artists who target a younger audience. You can grow your audience by sharing useful art telated tips and tutorials. 
Consider using Youtube if you do a lot of tutorials and interviews or if you want to creat an art related vlog. It definitely takes more time and shooting/editing skills but can be a a great 
Pinterest is perfect for organizing content you like and creating mood boards that you can use as a reference in future. By pinning images from your own website, you will also get extra traffic from it. 


Twitter is often neglected by artists and yet it is one of the best platforms for staying up to date on the new in the art world. Use relevant hashtags to be a part of the local and international conversations and to keep an eye on opportunities and open calls.

artist boot camp online marathon arte 8 lusso
Astrid Lesuisse and Slava Noor at Gallery 27


LinkedIn is the right platform for more serious artists who want to collaborate with brands and reach out to other art professionals. It is an amazing tool if you want to enter a new market and connect with the right people there. Spend some time filling up all the info, stay active by sharing art related articles and your latest work and be authentic while building your network.

I hope that this short overview will help you decide what social media platforms you should focus on. Keep in mind that your marketing strategy should depend on your final goals (to sell art, to join exhibitions, to gain visibility and so on) as well as your target audience.

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Keep creating,

Slava Noor