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Dubai Opera will come alive with grace, artistry, and the beauty of ballet as the Mosaic International Dance Festival takes center stage on November 8 and 9, 2023, marking the grand launch of this annual cultural spectacle.

This festival will kick off with two mesmerizing shows that provide an astonishing prelude to the upcoming seasons: The “Bloom Dance Project” by Natalia Osipova and the “Legend and Legacy of Nureyev,” accompanied by the Birmingham Royal Ballet Orchestra and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.

Mosaic International Dance Festival Presents: Natalia Osipova

November 8, 2023 at the Dubai Opera

The festival will open with the captivating “Bloom Dance” project by Natalia Osipova, one of the most celebrated ballerinas of her generation. Osipova’s program features a mesmerizing display of solos and duets, ranging from timeless classics to brilliant new ballets. Joining her on this remarkable journey will be several renowned stars from The Royal Ballet and London’s prestigious theater scene, including the prominent US dancer and choreographer, Jason Kittleberger, who has left his mark on the contemporary dance world.

Among the highlights of the evening are classic masterpieces like the enchanting “Giselle Act II Pas de Deux” and the timeless “The Dying Swan,” alongside a selection of contemporary pieces, including the elegant “Valse Triste” by neo-classical choreographer, Alexey Ratmanski and the mesmerizing “Qutb,” a creation by contemporary sensation Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, known for his collaborations with global icons like Beyonce and Alanis Morissette.

Natalia Osipova, principal ballerina for The Royal Ballet in London shared her excitement stating, “it is of great significance to me and my company, the Bloom Dance Project, to unite artists, directors and choreographers from various drama theaters, each representing a wide array of genres and art forms such as neoclassicism, modernism, and classical ballet. Together, we craft innovative works that seamlessly blend the talents of dancers with a creative team dedicated to inspiring and promoting the diverse art of dance to a broader audience. I am truly thrilled for the opportunity to debut this program in Dubai as part of the Mosaic International Dance Festival.”

Mosaic International Dance Festival Presents: The Legend & Legacy of Nureyev

November 9, 2023 at the Dubai Opera

On the second day of the opening, the festival pays homage to the legendary dancer and global icon, Rudolf Nureyev. Presented in association with the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, the “Legend and Legacy of Nureyev” show features a new generation of dancers that offers a captivating glimpse into the magic and artistry of the internationally celebrated dancer.

Widely regarded as the greatest ballet dancer in history, Nureyev transcended borders, helping to popularize ballet with audiences throughout the world, leaving a lasting influence that continues to inspire to this very day. Now, UAE audiences will have the unique opportunity to experience the magic and mastery of Nureyev for themselves through a new generation of dancers. Leading ballet stars from all over the globe will unite to present a dazzling array of highlights from his transformative career, combined with new contemporary pieces that will be performed by an international cast hailing from prestigious companies, including the Royal Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, the Vienna State Ballet, and many others.

Joined by the orchestra of The Royal Ballet Sinfonia, the dancers shall interpret a selection of pieces, each chosen to represent a different aspect of Nureyev’s incredible life and work. From the classical repertoire, which he dedicated himself to preserving and invigorating, to contemporary pieces and choreographers, this performance pays homage to Nureyev’s indefatigable eagerness to explore new forms of dance.

Prefacing the performance, there will be a video introduction by Dame Monica Mason, the former Director of The Royal Ballet, who partnered with Nureyev on numerous occasions, and the acclaimed actor Ralph Fiennes, who directed and acted in “The White Crow,” a film depicting Nureyev’s defection from Russia to the West.

The performance has left a lasting impression, and here is what critics have to say about the show:

“A fascinating program from outstanding dancers” – The Times

“A fitting tribute to an extraordinary man” – The Guardian

“Excellence, talent, and passion” – London Theatre Reviews

“Dynamic and magical” – Theatre Weekly

After the show, an exclusive gala dinner at Belcanto Restaurant awaits, reserved for distinguished guests of the Mosaic International Dance Festival. The guest list includes luminaries from the world of ballet and opera, as well as dignitaries and prominent local figures.

Dubai’s Ballet Revolution Begins Through Mosaic International Dance Festival

Dubai is poised to become a global epicenter for ballet excellence, with the Mosaic International Dance Festival choosing Dubai Opera as its home for the next five years. The events on November 8 and 9, 2023 mark an enticing prologue to what lies ahead.

Starting from next year, the festival will introduce a thrilling annual tradition – a prestigious competition that will extend invitations to esteemed ballet companies from across the globe. With the first season featuring a remarkable prize fund of $350,000, anticipation is running high. In addition, a fresh theme is selected every year, that participants must showcase through an array of ballet styles, crafting unique and captivating performances that leave audiences entranced.

Founder of Mosaic, Valerii Copeichin, expressed his vision for the festival: “Dance is an integral aspect of civilized society. Humans began expressing their sensations and perception of the world through dance before they learned to convey them through words. If dance were to die, the understanding of life itself would perish.”

About Mosaic International Dance Festival: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Ballet In Dubai

The Mosaic International Dance Festival program, like a mosaic, aspires to unify diverse ballet productions, masterclasses, and special events, ushering in a new era in the cultural life of the UAE. Distinguished international figures from the ballet world will serve as jury members and honorary participants.

The festival’s mission is to stimulate the development of both classical and contemporary ballet, creating and reinterpreting classical productions. It aims to capture the attention of audiences of all ages and provide a platform for young, talented ballet dancers to embark on their journeys. The festival showcases the vast spectrum of ballet forms, from classical to contemporary, from grandiose productions to minimalist performances.

Every year, the festival selects a new theme and presents it in various ballet styles, creating unique and captivating performances. Furthermore, the festival is committed to identifying and supporting the most talented choreographic ensembles, offering them a chance to compete for a substantial cash prize and gain recognition from global audiences, art representatives, and media.

The Mosaic International Dance Festival in Dubai sets the stage for a vibrant future of ballet excellence in the heart of the UAE. For more information, visit

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