The most iconic films set in Rome
“Rome does not need to make culture. It is a culture’ – says Federico Fellini. Rome is a perfect romantic location for the silver screen. We made list of films that will make you fall head over heels in love with one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city
-Anatole Broyard, American writer

Over the past century, there have been numerous films set in Rome, and the city has a particularly strong cinematic tradition.  Rome in cinema is almost always not just a location, but a participant, an actor. We chose the most iconic movies set in Rome, where Audrey Hepburn once laughed,  Federico Fellini directed his films, Tom Hanks’s hero prevented the plot against the Pope’s and Woody Allen was joking about his character.

Roman Holiday, William Wyler

Roman Holiday – a real classic movie! Black and white film, which is interesting at all times. The director himself called his film “a fairy tale on a modern theme.” The movie is about the princess runs away from the boring life in the palace on the busy streets of the Eternal City. Young lovers to this day repeat the route that Joe Bradley made a charming princess Anne. We recommend you to begin your acquaintance with Rome with this movie.

Dolce Vita,  Federico Fellini

The cult film of the unforgettable Federico Fellini, depicting the “sweet life” of the Roman elite in the best traditions of decadence. Actual for the sixties plot, plus the talented game Marcello Mastroianni – the key to the success of the film. The severe condemnation of the painting by the Vatican ensured her unprecedented popularity. Awards – awards “Oscar” and “Golden Palm”.

L’eclisse, Michelangelo Antonioni

Michelangelo Antonioni often turned his eyes towards the Eternal City, when it was necessary to choose a location for the filming of a new masterpiece. Heroes live here in a world where living in the city resembles life in the desert. Rome Antonioni is different from Rome Fellini – emptiness permeates everything.


Tom Hanks explores the streets of Rome, visits the Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza San Pietro, the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria and the Fountain of the Four Rivers in an effort to prevent a plot against the Pope. The purpose of the criminals is to change the history of the entire western world. World blockbuster based on the novel by Dan Brown.

Fellini’s Roma, Federico Fellini

A reflection film, a film-report dedicated to the great master of the main city in his life. A spatiotemporal journey of a genius, filmed on film. Awarded the Golden Globe Award.

The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino

The world of the high life of the great city of Rome through the eyes of the protagonist, a 65-year-old writer, and journalist, disappointed with the emptiness behind the imaginary aristocracy. The parade of the most vivid paintings of this world, in which artists and writers live, actors and musicians, recognized geniuses and bored daddies of fate – all this is mixed with the loss of moral landmarks, boredom, the illusion of bohemian life against the splendor of the eternal city!

 To Rome with love, Wooden Allen

Woody Allen’s films and stories are always different, and he made a fresh movie about Rome in a new way. Here are the details of the city, and mood, and jokes. And the number of colors gives the right mood.

Madly in Love, Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia

Do not know what movie to watch in the evening, how to cheer yourself up, then watch the good old and funny film “Madly in Love” (1981). The great movie just for family viewing. This is a film that can be watched many times and each time looks like it is the first time.

With Love,
Sabina Bex