Brief history of the Leather Jacket
Do you want to know where the leather jacket came from and how it became a must-have ? Read this article to know everything about the iconic leather jacket.

         The famous leather jacket has a long history and experienced several reincarnations before becoming one of the most necessary things in the women’s wardrobe. The first leather jacket appeared in America during the Civil War between the North and the South, and then it was more like a military uniform. However, the design was quite recognizable – the fastener on the uniform went along the oblique from the left hip to the right shoulder.

After another 50 years, the progenitor of the leather jackets received a new version — the aviator version. At the beginning of the 20th century, such a model was especially loved by pilots of airplanes, helicopters, and airships.

However, the true history of leather jackets begins in 1913 in New York and has Russian roots. The sons of the immigrant from Russia – Irwin and Jack Shott – decided to start their own business. The two brothers began to sew outerwear, which was then given to the local vagrants for sale. Irwin named his creations in the same way as his favorite cigars were called Perfecto (from Italian “perfect”). By the mid-1920s, the company of the Schott brothers Schott NYC was already well-known. By the way, they were the first to supply their leather jackets with zippers.

Without fear of innovation, Irwin drew attention to the growing popularity of motorcycles – and in 1928 the world had the first motorcycle leather jacket. Its cost was about five and a half dollars. Instantly, Perfecto becomes a symbol of danger and adventure, which the Harley owners longed for.

The cult status of the jacket was received after the end of the Second World War. But in fairness, the leather jacket could have remained an element of the biker uniform, if not for the film “Savage,” in which Marlon Brando plays the leader of the biker gang, driving around on his motorcycle in a Perfecto jacket. Two years later, James Dean will join him, in the film Rebel Without a Cause, he perfectly portrayed another hero of the time. The leather jacket begins to symbolize the hooligan spirit, and it is already forbidden to be worn in American schools. And this further stirs interest.

In the world of music leather jacket stepped with the light hand of the king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley was the first musician to wear a biker jacket to go on stage.

In 1970-1980, a leather jacket did not lose its enfant terrible status in the wardrobe. Moreover, it became the hallmark of punk rockers: the Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Ramones literally did not get out of their leather jackets. By the way, the company that gave us a biker jacket, to this day, live, remaining in the hands of the Schott family.

The  Ramones
Sid Vicious, lead singer of the Sex Pistols

Dave Gahan – Depeche Mode

Nowadays, the leather jacket and its many iterations seems to have found a permanent home in high fashion. Designer takes from Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Anine Bing and other casual-cool brands are at the forefront of celeb street style, gracing the shoulders of a many trendsetter. Today the leather jacket can pass in any situation, casual or formal. Stars like Demi Lovato often sticks to a more rock and roll take, while Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dons a more feminine version.

Nowadays leather jacket is a must- have thing in every fashionista’s closet. It can pass in every situation, casual or formal.

Here is some inspiration on different looks you can create with leather jacket by combining it with jeans, dresses and skirts.

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