Sharon Stone in Damiani
Dive into the world of true Italian luxury with our list of favourite jewellery brands

Elisabeth Tailor’s famous quote was “Big girls need big diamonds”, she was known for loving diamonds and jewellery as no one else and it is so obvious.

Most women love charming accessories that accomplish their outfit or give an impeccable and dressed to kill look. Jewellery is intended to create an individual style which emphasizes women’s femininity and a sophisticated taste.  Jewellery has an enormous importance in women’s life as it can make them feel special, stylish and beautiful. It has the ability to highlight women’s personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right pieces for the right occasion.

Humans have been wearing jewellery for more than 90 000 years and it was crafted from leather, feather and berries and later developed into the precious stones and handcrafted metals that we wear today. Jewellery was believed to have healing properties and supernatural powers. Nowadays we wear it because we like how it looks, and it can be a way to express ourselves, to make a statement and bring an extra beauty to life.

The world’s most beautiful and desirable jewellery is thoroughly handcrafted in Italy; Italy is a place which is acclaimed for its skilled craftsman. In this article we feature five of the best Italian jewellery brands with unique and sophisticated design and we are sure that you will be captivated by our selection!


Bvlgari is one of the oldest and the most famous Italian jewellery houses in Italy. The trademark BVLGARI, that we are now so familiar with, is written in the classical Latin alphabet derived from the founder, Sotir Bvlgari’s name.

Loved by such famous celebrities and international icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace of Monaco the brand is easily recognizable by ancient elements of Roman, Greek, Italian Renaissance, and later was inspired by Parisian and Art Deco style. Bvlgari is famous for colored gemstones, especially sapphires mixed in unique formats. The success of the brand is in their unexceptional designs that blend simplicity with traditional classic elements and innovative touches. When you discover the Bvlgari collection the only words which come to your mind are superb design, timeless style and a pure perfection.

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The founder of Damiani jewellery Enrico Damiani was a jeweler himself, following his passion for jewellery and love for beauty he started creating small unique and sophisticated masterpieces for noble families of the period and for many years Damiani were the suppliers for the Italian royal family.

Today the brand is hugely successful in Italy and in the international jewellery market because of strong identity, great production skills and original design, all enlivened by a great passion. Damiani’s modern and innovative style makes each of its creations unique and unmistakable. Damiani is the only company in the world to have received as many as 18 consecutive Diamonds International Awards. The muses of the brands are Isabella Rossellini, Sharon Stone, Sofia Loren, and Jennifer Aniston. Most recently, the brand collaborated with the actress Nicoletta Romanov for the breathtakingly stunning Romanov Collection.

Damiani butterfly ring

 Some of its most impressive designs to date are the stunning Butterfly collections, which demonstrate the brand’s sublimely craftsmanship, the work of its team of skilled artisans.

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The history of Buccellati brand started in mid eighteen century when Contardo Buccellati worked as a goldsmith in Milan.  1903, Mario Buccellati renewed the family tradition, apprenticing at Milan’s prestigious Beltrami & Beltrami at the age of twelve. In 1919, Buccellati took over the firm, changing its name to Buccellati. After triumphant participation in an international exhibition at Madrid in 1920, the brand experienced a huge success and an international acclaim. Spanish aristocrats and a royal family were the lifelong clients of Buccellati. The third generation has now assumed control of the company and has continued to expand its international presence.

The Buccellati tradition of precision and quality continues today. As Gianmaria Buccellati explained “The Buccellati concept focuses on beauty, art, class and the traditions of the past. Our jewels are entirely hand-made, with love, patience, and time by the best craftsmen in Italy. Our philosophy has never changed and never will; it represents the essence of our work. All of the Buccellati jewellery  is created to look and feel like silk, lace, damask, tulle or linen.   The use of mixed metals such as silver and gold as well as platinum and gold is also typical. If there are any gemstones used, they are unusual and include carved emeralds, rubies and rose-cut diamonds.

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Roberto Coin

The Roberto Coin brand – a marvelous mix of centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and modern design techniques -– was launched in 1996, quickly becoming a world-renowned luxury brand of Italian designer jewelry.

Roberto Coin started signing his jeweler with the setting of a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece in 1996 as well, beginning with the Appassionata collection. This exclusive signature in every Roberto Coin creation is a secret message – a gift really – to every woman who wears it. The designer himself said the ruby is a “…romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces.” 

The mission of the company is to offer every woman an original piece of jewelry, far from the ordinary, that make her who she is, unique and distinct. Roberto Coin is a master of light, shape and color. He uses materials that include 18kt yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, diamonds, precious stones, gold and steel, wood and other supplies for his necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and pendants. He is intimately involved in all aspects of his business; from design to manufacturing, marketing and finance.

Celebrities adore wearing Roberto Coin jewellery, admirers of the art are Elizabeth Hurley, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Ophra Winfrey and many more.

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Synonymous with creativity and color, Pomellato was founded in Milan in 1967 by Pino Rabolini – the heir to his family’s goldsmith legacy. Introducing the prêt-à-porter philosophy to the traditionally conservative world of jewellery, Rabolini revolutionized women’s fashion choices while shaping Pomellato with a powerful, fashion-forward identity. Fifty years later, his distinctive designs have grown to be admired both in Italy and across the international jewellery world.

Pomellato stands out for its unique design and colorful gems which through innovative stone cutting and setting techniques have come to define an unmistakable and iconic style. Pomellato is incredibly proud of being able to create and produce all of jewellery at Casa Pomellato.  Cameron Diaz, Leighton Meestor, Emelie VanCamp and other top Hollywood stars adorn themselves in Pomellato jewellery.

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