Wedel Art Collective have collaborated with six international leading artists to produce a set of unique art-designed face masks, all proceeds from which will be donated to international relief efforts and artist support for those affected by COVID-19.

Launching exclusively on MATCHESFASHION the project draws upon the power of contemporary art to encourage more people to wear face masks to protect and support.

Each off the participating artists are internationally celebrated for their work addressing some of the most important social and political issues of our times. Through the inspiration of these artists’ work, the limited-edition face masks reflect the artists passionate and urgent response to the pandemic, highlighting the need for community action.

Artists include: Jenny Holzer (b. 1950, Ohio, USA); Rashid Johnson (b. 1977, Chicago, USA); Barbara Kruger (b. 1975, New Jersey, USA), Raymond Pettibon (b. 1957, Arizona, USA); Lorna Simpson (b. 1960, New York, USA); and Rosemarie Trockel (b. 1952, Schwerte, Germany). Jenny Holzer’s face mask taps into the necessity of mask-wearing, reading “You- Me”.

I like to think of my work as useful.That is a recurrent impulse, when something happens in the world, if I have an idea that will be properly responsive…Not necessarily a cure or a solution but at least an offering.- says Holzer

Raymond Pettibon’s mask design features Vavoom, a figure inspired by Felix the cat that he has drawn since the mid-1980’s. Vavoom stands for sprawling, empty landscapes and shouts his name across the land – simultaneously a rallying cry and an existential shout into the void. With his mask design, Pettibon urges us to be “notsoclose!”

Amelie von Wedel, founder of Wedel Art Collective, says, “It has been a joy to work with these exceptional artists to realise their face masks – each one is a meaningful, wearable artwork. It’s hard to over-emphasise the importance of wearing masks. We are honoured to be donating to the global COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as to two hands-on charities that help artists whose livelihoods have been severely diminished: Artist Relief in the US and Common Practice in the UK. We applaud all three charities for their tireless work throughout this pandemic and the economic recovery beyond it”.

“We are grateful to Wedel Art and MATCHESFASHION for harnessing the power of creative artists to raise funds to support the life-saving COVID-19 response of the World Health Organization (WHO). Thanks to their support, vital resources will help WHO and partners prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic in vulnerable communities through the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.” Andrew Axelrod, Chief Operating Officer, United Nations Foundation.

The Wedel Art Collective masks are made of ethically produced 100% cotton, the masks are not suitable for medical use. These products have not been certified by the World Health Organization. The collection is available now on MATCHESFASHION at AED 190 each. All proceeds from sales of Wedel Art Collective face masks will be donated to charity, 50% to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, powered by the United Nations Foundation and 50% divided between two artist relief charities working to support artists whose livelihoods have been severely diminished with the pandemic: the US-based Artist Relief coalition, and Common Practice in the UK.