Dubai based fashion brand MYKAFTAN launches K-Shirt
Discover K-shirt, the latest creation by Dubai based fashion brand Mykaftan

While big brands experience big troubles, small local brands from Dubai are showing a boost of creativity and present their new collections. Today we would like to tell you about MYKAFTAN’s new collection of K-SHIRTS which was launched during the pandemic.

Kaftan-shirt, aka ‘K-SHIRT’ (the game of words based on “T-Shirt”) is a hybrid of a shirt and a dress which can be worn solo, as a dress, or as a kaftan – on top of any outfit. The K-SHIRTS are crafted from the signature fabric of the brand – double satin, imported from Spain.

This fabric is also eco-friendly because the raw materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests. At the same time, it feels like natural silk. The color palette is beautiful as well featuring tender pastel shades. MYKAFTAN sets a high standard in the local fashion scene as it managed to combine three essentials: sustainability, modesty and luxury.

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