Osman Yousefzada collection
Enjoy the new AW19 collection by Oman Yousefzada

Osman Yousefzada, the London-based designer of eponymous label OSMAN, sets the latest style trend for AW19: Ruffles and Tiers

In a refreshing twist, Osman challenged his signature clean forms and exceptionally flattering tailoring with theatrical ruffles, opulence, rich colours and pitch black. A forceful feminine collection saw ruffles spiral from pastel gowns to organza dresses. Sophisticated ruffles and tiers sweeten the “street-chic flamboyance” of the collection, celebrating feminine beauty in its perfect balance.

Bold and romantic body-wear, a myriad of iridescent hues shining like mother of pearl, a cape dropping a rainbow of reflection and hues.

Sleek lines enveloping the legs, the bodies, enhancing the silhouettes. And then pitch-black, the darkest shade that absorbs them all. A delicate wink of pink. Recurring squares. An attitude, calming red. Swans’ wings. Zebra cuts, street-chic flamboyance.

Tattooed of intentions, Osman’s women of the world come together, mothers and daughters, stronger and stronger, in an act of sisterhood, alliance, allegiance, devotion and power, the full feminine beauty in its perfect balance, enigmatic and triumphant, they are here to overcome, they are here to stay.

The collection is available to purchase on www.osmanlondon.com, Bloomingdale’s Dubai, Harvey Nichols UAE & Kuwait, Ounass & The Modist.