BLUEMARBLE Spring/Summer 21
Fashion enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Paris Fashion Week will commence according to strict guidelines this September for the SS21 collections. With fashion shows taking place in the Sphere and online, we have collected a summary of our favourite upcoming fashion icons that we can’t wait to cheer on.

Fashion enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Paris Fashion Week will commence according to strict guidelines this September for the SS21 collections. With fashion shows taking place in the Sphere and online, we have collected a summary of our favourite upcoming fashion icons that we can’t wait to cheer on. 

It has been approved by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode for the Paris Fashion Week to take place in Paris at Palais de Tokyo, with a combination of actual fashion shows opening to the public and online shows happening this September, starting from the 30th of September to the 4th of October, 2020. 

As one of the first cities to have live shows for the Fashion Week, we’re keeping an eye on some of the new and exciting fashion brands that are taking part in the Sphere Paris Fashion Week Showroom. From flamboyant, bold colours to feminine and lacy dresses, military style trench coats and much more- these brands have a lot to show and we are totally geared up to see what the Paris Fashion Week has to offer! See the list of our favorite fashion designers and brands.

1. Blue Marble Paris

Blue Marble Paris is an upcoming men’s label based in Paris founded by Anthony Alvarez in 2018. Their clothes are expressive of identities from different cities in France, which are rich in cultural diversity, heritage and a rising youth. 

The SS21 collection is all about bright and bold colours, with patterns on silk apparel. With a hint of vintage mixed with a fresh retro feel, this brand is definitely one we are keeping an eye on…

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SITUATIONIST Official is a women’s clothing fashion designer founded in Georgia, Tblisi, in 2016.  Based on the revolutionary concept of the ‘Situationists’, which were a group of writers, poets, artists and creatives that spoke up for a different way of life, this fashion brand has a unique look. 

The SS21 look is with plain, neutral tones with edgy suits and unconventional apparel, creating a bold look. We can’t wait to find out what they have in store for the Paris Fashion Week.

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3. Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen is a Scandinavian designer based in France with a luxury clothing brand that has been established in 2015. Bahnsen’s work illustrates femininity with attention to detail in her unique, handcrafted designs. 

Her work in the SS21 collection is effortlessly lacy and elegant, with graceful colours of white, yellow, black and light blue. Flowy dresses that are naturally girly, this designer is definitely one of our favourites.     

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4. Ami Alexandre Mattuissi

Alexandre Mattuissi is a French fashion designer in Paris whose work which exuberates with confidence and character. Bold suits, bold colours and apparel that tells a story – this is his signature look.    

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5. Mansour Martin

Mansour Martin is a new designer formed in France between two Belgian fashion designers, Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard in 2019. With sustainable menswear, this brand is respective of all multicultural identities. 

The new art collaboration between Mansour Martin and artist Aurélien Delahaies in the SS21 collection has geometric shapes and bold, funky colours which are inspired by architect Aldo Rossi and street art. The shirts are meticulously made with sustainable recycled materials and hand painted canvas pieces, each shape inspired by buildings. 

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6. Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu is a South African designer based in Johannesburg with a focus on African fashion. This designer uses flamboyant colours and rich textures with work that supports African history and heritage. Each collection tells a story of the incredible African culture within its design. Imbued with anecdotes and personal stories of courage and pride, this designer makes each collection personal and rich with sentiments. 

We absolutely love the FW20 collection which is based on a collection of inspirations from Magugu’s life. His designs are bold  with cool tones, comfortable and soothing to the eye, almost like portraits into his early life. As the winner of the LVMH 2019 awards, we are sure to be fascinated by what he has to offer for the Paris Fashion Week. 

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7. Mossi Officiel

Mossi Officiel is a french designer from Mali, where his work focuses on the artistry of design, with creativity in designs and fabrics. In his AW20 collection, Mossi uses bright colours and feminine shirts with drapes varying in length and style. A sporty yet elegant look, Mossi gives new definitions to his AW20 collection with use of bold colours like orange, black and white, with simplicity and creativity in design.

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8. Kenneth Ize 

Kenneth Ize is another African designer making his mark in fashion with Nigerian fashion and designs that are colourful and soulful, reviving West African identity with traditional fabrics used in an authentic way. 

In his Fall 2020 collection, Kenneth Ize has been working with artisans and Austrian lace makers in Vienna, where he was born and raised. The AW20 collection is quirky and colourful, inspired by his mother’s outfits who would wear colourful laces in special occasions.  

9. Kevin Germanier

Kevin Germanier is a Swiss born Paris based designer, well known for his sustainable approach that unapologetically works with glitter and glamour in all of his designs. “I want to show people that sustainable fashion isn’t just about organic linen, but it can also be a beautiful beaded dress”, explains Germanier in an interview with Tatler. 

His collections are bright and futuristic in design. His new 2020 collection, Les Essentiels, is expressive and bold, and funky in all its designs. Expressive and bold, we’re keen to see how Germanier redefines the art of sustainable fashion. Show full quoteShow all correspondence

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We’re keeping check on the FW20 look that Boyarovskaya has to offer – trench coats, boots and neutral shades of beige and khaki, giving an elegant, yet a bold and masculine look. Sleek and sophisticated, this French designer started its label in 2016 by designers Maria Boyarovskaya and Artem Kononenko.  

We’re intimidated: Boyarovskaya expresses a strong message with bold apparel, and a courage in the face of a new era. We’re sure the fashion enthusiasts out there will enjoy the show!

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We hope you are as excited about the Paris Fashion Week as you are! Tell us what brands you will be following in the comments.

Written by Iman