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In a world where dreams intertwine with threads, Yunessa emerges as a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship. Nestled in the heart of Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan this atelier is not merely a workshop; it's a realm where Italian fabrics metamorphose into wearable art, and where home textiles bear the mark of a visionary. Meet the woman behind the enchantment, Yunessa Denissova.

With a remarkable flair that defies her 43 years, Yunessa Denissova has crafted a journey that leads straight to her eponymous atelier, affectionately known as “Yunessa.” Here, two distinct realms intertwine: bespoke couture spun from Italian fabrics, and a captivating line of home textiles that goes by the same name, adorned with ready-to-love pieces. A digital tapestry that spans social media, Yunessa’s creations can be explored on Instagram via the handle @yunessahome and @yunessastyle and acquired online through

To delve into the origins of this creative odyssey is to explore Yunessa’s very essence. Born into a family where toil was the norm, she was steeped in a culture of hard work. From an early age, sewing was a siren call. A sewing machine passed down from her great-grandmother became her muse. As she crafted outfits for dolls, unbeknownst to her grandmother, she covertly transformed fabric remnants into tiny couture pieces. A mischievous act, but one that foretold the path she would follow.

While her academic pursuits led her to earn a diploma in accounting, her heart knew better. Dreams of owning her atelier never waned. In 2018, with the wings of a credit line, she transformed her vision into reality. On Valentine’s Day in 2019, Yunessa unveiled her atelier to the world, an enterprise intertwined with her extraordinary name.

The journey forward is one paved with boundless aspirations. In the forefront stands the ambition to diversify their ready-made offerings, showering patrons with a wider range of unique and high-quality creations. A deeper collaboration with suppliers and expanded delivery geography are also on the horizon.

But it’s the imminent future that gleams with excitement. Yunessa’s enchanting presence will grace events hosted by the Stylist Community in Almaty and the prestigious Fashion Gala. A fervent learner, she plans to partake in a series of master classes by renowned stylists, honing her expertise in the realm of fashion and style.

Then, there’s the enchantment of the year-end fair in Almaty, where Yunessa’s New Year collection will take center stage. This juncture is not only an opportunity to share her creative prowess with the world but also to receive valuable feedback from cherished patrons.

For Yunessa, this dynamic journey is woven together by her steadfast devotion to growth, her desire to evolve as a specialist, and her unyielding commitment to bringing joy and comfort to her patrons through the creations of “Yunessa.” With heartfelt gratitude, she acknowledges her family’s unwavering support and her cherished clients who keep returning. In her atelier, she has curated a haven of warmth and service that speaks to the heart. Yunessa’s tale is one where passion meets persistence, and dreams become masterpieces. It is a celebration of artistic expression that elegantly dances on the fabric of life.

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