Personal stylist Asif Somji shares 7 style tips for men that will serve as a guide in the fast-paced world of fashion and style.

No doubt what works for one doesn’t always work for another, but good style advice is never to be ignored.  None of us need more rules in life, in fact what we need is more creativity because after all, this is how we evolve and create new styles and trends.  The following style tips are not the last word on style but rather solid suggestions and a valuable fallback-to-basics in this fast-paced world of fashion and style. 


The key to a good suit is fit, and the way to achieve a perfect fit is to get one tailored.  This is not to say that off-the-rack suits can’t look good, it really just depends on your body type.  Most people would require a lot of alterations on an off-the-rack suit and not all aspects of a suit can be altered.  Sure, a tailored suit in theory may be more costly than a ready-to-wear one, but a small investment can go a long way.  We are guaranteed to need it at any moment – a job interview, weddings, award ceremonies and other events where formality is required.  We have all been guilty of rushing around at the last minute looking for a suit for an event and hence run the risk of getting something that is not the best fit. So, if you haven’t already done it, invest in a tailored suit that will last you a lifetime.  If this will be your first tailored suit, you should typically look for a dark blue suit, single breasted and with 2 buttons.  And since we are talking about perfect fit, guys please don’t ignore your trouser length.  If there is one thing I have noticed over the years, it is that most guys leave their trousers too long.  Remember, it’s the way you wear it and not the label inside that matters. 


Dressing appropriately for the occasion is a basic fashion rule that you should always keep in mind.  As important as it is to express yourself, don’t assume that your occasion can connect with your designer outfit just because you love it. The last thing you want is to appear ignorant and out of touch with the others.  The worst style is one which is out of place.  If you are unsure of the dress code, then you can always ask the host, and if you are still in doubt then it is better to be overdressed. 


If you’re not taking care of your face it doesn’t matter how nice your clothes are. Looking after your clothes, shoes and accessories are important but it is equally important to look after your skin.  Establishing a good morning skin care routine is crucial and there’s no shame in it.  Healthy skin not only looks good and stays looking good longer, but it also helps keep us free of diseases and infections.  Keep the routine simple, and be sure to brush your hair, cut your nails and don’t leave the house without applying deodorant and a spritz of perfume. 


The term “less is more” can have a double meaning, a minimalist approach to style and also buying quality over quantity.  Having a minimalist approach to style can make you look effortlessly stylish, but you can also be criticized for a lack of creativity.  To achieve a perfect minimalist style, you need to pay more attention to colors, silhouettes, textures and fabrics.  Ironically an effortless look does take a certain amount of effort and know-how.  Quality over quantity is something most people will agree with but find it hard to put in practice.  The idea is to create a capsule wardrobe and by doing this you will eventually buy less and focus more on your purchases.  You want clothes that will last long so look for quality natural fabrics and classic styles.  Become aware of slow fashion and sustainable fashion and it will make you a more conscious shopper.  


Most men are intimidated by colour.  If it is not navy, grey or black they shy away.  Adding colour can lift your entire outfit, so look for greens, mustards, pinks and different shades of blues which are versatile and can be worn all year round.  You can still be timeless and look rakish by implementing the “less is more” rule.  


What you wear each morning can arm you with the confidence to tackle the day ahead.  Being comfortable will make you feel more confident and when you feel more confident, you feel happier in general. Feeling confident and happy impacts your business and your personal life… and it can come from something as simple as how you dress and go out into the world.  Many men who are in good shape think tight clothing equals a good fit, and ones not in such good shape think a good fit is too tight.  In the end you really have to pick what works best for you and what makes you feel great.  Getting professional help is a good way to start on the right track. 


When making any change in your life, especially something that’s physical like your style, the biggest roadblock could be the people around you.  Your friends and family, your girlfriend, your coworkers, there is a high likelihood that they won’t all have a positive reaction to your change.  Change is difficult for the person going through it, but it’s strangely also difficult for people around you as it challenges them on what they are doing for themselves.  Who we surround ourselves with massively impacts our behavior which is why when it comes to your style, it is exactly what you need to improve. People who have the same goals are likely to achieve them if they stick together.   I’m not asking you to go break up with your partner or get rid of your best friends who you grew up with, simply start making new friends or follow a few stylish people on Instagram.  

Written by By Asif Somji of @styledindubai