It is truly exciting to see successful fashion brands in Kazakhstan and White Flower is definitely one of them. The brand celebrates the modern woman and specializes on elegant suits.

It is truly exciting to see successful fashion brands in Kazakhstan and White Flower is definitely one of them. The brand celebrates the modern woman and specializes on elegant suits.

I had a chance to speak to the stylist Dinara to learn more about the brand and their plans for future.

What is your backround and what each one of you brings to White Flower?

Dinara, as a professional stylist, knows which models better fit different body shapes, what’s in trend today and so on. Akgul, as a designer, provides her own ideas and create new collections, bearing in mind business and demand issues.

Who is the woman you create for ?

We’re inspired by our local women, who are kind and strong, self-confident and gentle, able to be good mothers and business-ladies at the same time. So we create our products for them.

How can you define your brand?

  WFD is a Kazakhstani brand that brings beauty and affordable fashion to the masses. We represent casual and classic women clothing, which are aimed to emphasize their image.

What is your signature product?

We specialize in business suits, which are the sign of a successful modern woman and a part of WFD history. Long time ago, when Akgul was working in a financial sector, she tried to find a high quality suit with a good price. Our market couldn’t satisfy her demand, so she decided to create own brand.

Your brand is loved by local celebrities and bloggers. Could you name some of your famous clients? 

We’re proud to say that WFD is a choice of the famous Russian writer Olga Breininger, popular actress and singer Ainur Niyazova, Kazakhstani star Dinara Sultan, musician Dinara Tlendiyeva and many others.

What are your tips for buying a suit?

Just listen to your inner feelings. Think how often you would wear it, if it would fit into your existing wardrobe and if you could create 5 different looks with it. Most importantly, do you love yourself in that suit?  If the answer is a loud firm “YES” then you should definitely get it.

Are your suits multi purpose and easy to style?

We can’t say it often enough – our suits are very easy to style, because they represent themselves as an item of basic wardrobe. By adding different accessories, accents and shoes, you can create many trendy classic or casual looks. 

What fabrics do you enjoy working with the most?

 We prefer to work with men suit’s fabrics, silk, cotton and wool.

8What are your plans for 2020? 

We have really big plans for 2020 – to bring a capsule line, introducing both basic suits as well as suits that embrace the last fashion trends. Moreover, we’re preparing a sports line and are also looking for new markets and audiences. 

You do national and worldwide delivery. What is the process of ordering a suit? 

The ordering process for both local and worldwide shipping is quiet simple. The clients sends us what they want to buy, we will help them to choose right size and give a few recommendations and then the delivery is scheduled upon receiving a prepayment.

What designers inspire you? Who do you look up to? 

Actually, we’re inspired by many designers, both local and foreign. Additionally, we monitor all the big fashion houses in our field to make sure our creations are relevant and repond to the needs of the market.

What is more important: following trends or developing a personal style?

The best thing is to create own style. Taking into account the freshest trends.

Can you call yourself a sustainable brand?

As a modern and progressive brand, we make our contribution not only to social problems, but also ecological ones. We provide only paper bags and tags, we try to use mostly natural materials in our production. Moreover, our high quality products are very long-lasting, so it’s about a conscious consumption. 

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From Almaty with love,

Slava Noor