In anticipation of Eid Al Fitr, Flowwow, a UAE-based gifting marketplace that hosts over 14,000 local brands from over 30 countries, is fostering the spirit of meaningful interactions, unity and togetherness with the launch of a card game: ‘Ramadan Moments: Family Game for Heart-to-Heart Talks.’ Developed in partnership with Emirati digital artist Mariam Alobeidli, the deck includes 30 uniquely designed cards.

Each card features a profound question to foster deep conversations, create shared moments of joy, and embody core ethical principles during the celebrations.Inspired by the boost of UAE cultural and artistic flow, Flowwow collaborated with the local artist Mariam Alobeidli to bring a touch of artistic splendour to the Eid al-Fitr game and empower local voices in the art industry. As Mariam Alobeidli crafted her artwork, she poured her heart and soul into each stroke, infusing her cherished childhood memories with the essence of Ramadan:

● Takias hold cultural significance, as many traditional living rooms lacked couches or chairs, relying instead on floor seating arrangements;

● Prayer beads as a sign of the importance of prayer during Ramadan, the beads serve as a reminder of the Muslim connection to God during this sacred time;

● ‘Dalla’ (teapot) highlights the cherished family gatherings, representing the warmth and hospitality shared among loved ones;

● The crescent moon is a nod to the traditional practice of announcing the start of Ramadan upon sighting the crescent moon;

● ‘Midfa’a’ is the momentous occasion of breaking the fast. The sound of the midfa’a signals the end of the fast and the beginning of the Maghrib prayer.

To play the game you have to pick a card daily and sincerely discuss answers, creating a ripple of honesty, integrity, and positivity throughout your home. Amidst conversations filled with love, laughter, and blessings, the ‘Ramadan Moments’ add a sprinkle of magic to make these occasions truly unforgettable. The deck is now available for purchase on the Flowwow website and app. Additionally, enthusiasts can participate in a giveaway of the card game on Flowwow’s official Instagram account, adding community engagement to the launch