Bussola is an award winning Italian restaurant in Dubai. Read our detailed review on our favorite Italian dishes.

We are on the quest to find the best Italian restaurant in Dubai and today we were extremely excited to sample the award winning restaurant Bussola in Westin, Dubai.

Bussola is a three in one concept that operates from 12PM – 3PM for lunch and 7PM – 11PM for dinner. The resident chef is Daniele Marcellini from Rome, Italy.

The ambiance of this elegant and popular restaurant is both very welcoming. Our server Divya was very knowledgeable and helped us to select both the food and the wine.

Antipasti. Starters

Starters are a perfect way to start your food journey in the world of Italian cuisine so we ordered a couple dishes to share.

Frittura di pescato con zucchine croccanti

Assorted fried fish with calamari, prawns, soft shell crab and zucchini were crispy yet delicate. The portion was very hearty and perfect for two or even a group of people sharing a few starters. Great choice for seafood lovers.

Burrata Pugliese, insalata di pomodori e basilico is

Burrata Pugliese is an Italian delicacy that every foodie should try at least once. It was soft and creamy and literally melted in our mouth. Bussola brings fresh burrata daily from Italy.

Burrata Pugliese  is  produced manually by filling its outer shell with a creamy mix of mozzarella and cream, also known as stracciatella.

The presentation was also great with colorful tomatoes that all had a unique taste.

Primi. First Course

Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci con burro alla salvia, cardoncelli croccanti e tartufo nero 

Pasta lovers will definitely enjoy this sophisticated pasta. The ravioli are filled with homemade ricotta and spinach and served with wild mushrooms and black truffles. The flavor is very delicate and I could smell the truffles as soon as it was served. Definitely recommend this vegetarian dish.

Secondi. Mains

Grigliata Mista di pesce con astice, gamberi blu, carabineros, orata, calamari e polpo

If you are a seafood lover than you should definitely order this platter with Grilled Mediterranean seafood.

Lobster, blue prawns, carabineros, fresh squids, sea bream and octopus served with chimichurri sauce – this mouthwatering platter to indulge on.

Dolci. Desserts

Italian cuisine offers a great variety of desserts that vary from region to region. Bussola offers the popular tiramisu, authentic gelato and a wide variety of pastries.

Tiramisu’ tradizionale della bussola

The traditional layered mousse was soft, delicate and delicious! You can never go wrong with this coffee-flavored dessert.

Did you know that the translation of “tiramisu” from Italian to English is “carry me up” or “cheer me up”.

Crostatina ai limoni di Amalfi

If you prefer a fruity flavor than order the pastry filled with Amalfi lemons curd, baked merengue and citrus sorbet.

It looked amazing and tasted even better and the delicate flavors were perfectly balanced.

Highlight: we were impressed with every single dish and especially all the fresh seafood and the delicate desserts. Definitely can recommend both for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends and family.

Planning to back to sample their famous pizza in fall as well.

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Buon Appetito,

Slava Noor