Cavalli Club is one of our favorite spots in Dubai to enjoy Italian cuisine while being entertained by international and local performers. Apart from the great food, we love watching robots make cocktails and enjoy chilling down in the ice room. We had a chance to ask the head chef Luca Napoleone what makes Cavalli Club a must visit nightlife venue in Dubai.

How can you best describe the cuisine at Cavalli Club? What plates represent it best?

The cuisine at Cavalli Club Is a fusion between Italian and French tastes, we try to deliver to each guest an exclusive dining experience. The plates that represent it best are the Zebra Lobster Tortellini, an explosion of flours with an amazing combination of colors.

What are your recommendations and personal favorites on the menu? 

I cannot recommend any dish from my menu, every one has his own taste and from there he can choose what he want to enjoy. From my side, I can just guarantee quality and love on all the plates.

What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

On every and each ingredient a chef can find a sense and a place to be, the ingredients in my kitchen are fresh and I always buy the best quality available in the market. Since we are in an Italian restaurant, basil, parmesan and tomatoes are the kings.

Which dishes on the menu are infused with gold 

On all my desserts there is a touch of gold but I also have the golden pizza, which is fully covered by 24kt gold leaves, and the gold bar, which is a dessert brushed with 24kt gold powder.

What distinguishes dining at Cavalli Club from other restaurants in Dubai?

Cavalli is the first club in the world to be distinguished with a GastroMoon, a culinary award for the restaurants inside a nightclub venue. We have one of the best dinner shows ever, we are the only one in middle east to have a menu with holograms of the dishes projected in front of the guest, we have a 15mt long suspended wine seller with the finest selections of wine and champagne and I can carry on forever telling in what we are the best, but I just want to invite everyone to try, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

About Cavalli Club

Cavalli club, restaurant & lounge is an award-winning nightlife destination & one of Dubai’s most glamorous venues.

The star-studded line-up of international talent, vip guests and stunning swarovski crystals, make this venue a celebrity hot-spot and an icon in Dubai.

To learn more about Cavalli Club, visit their website or follow the official instagram account @CavalliClubDXB