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Featured at the Spain pavilion in Expo 2020, is artist Daniel Canogar's project 'Dinamo'.

Dinamo is an audiovisual installation by Daniel Canogar, specifically designed for the Spain Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, and created in collaboration with composer Francisco López.

Arte&Lusso Founder, Slava Noor, with artist Daniel Canogar

The installation hangs inside the Atrium and is surrounded by the ramps that descend visitors into the Theatre and the underground exhibition area. It consists of three sculptural screens in the form of an interlaced ringlet that show constantly changing generative audiovisual content thanks to the visitors’ interaction with the handrails along the ramp. As the handrail detects more contact, the content on the screens of Dinamo become more dynamic and saturated. At the same time, the sound will become more intense as interaction increases. As such, the activation of the installation is entirely in the hands of the visitors.

Image credits to: España Expo Dubaí

In line with the theme of Expo Dubai 2020, Connecting minds, creating the future, Dinamo reflects on the collective as a source of alternative energy for a sustainable future and underlines the strength of community.

The complex algorithm that controls content on the screens and the sound were designed by Studio Daniel Canogar. Through the handrail, it registers the amount of contact and the position of each contact and translates this information into a unique audiovisual configuration, creating a fortuitous choreography with visitors. Furthermore, Dinamo diversifies the aesthetic experience beyond visual elements by placing emphasis on touch and sound. In our current technological times mediated by screens, which has been intensified by the pandemic, touch and sight come together in Dinamo to recover the embodiment and material quality of art.

Dinamo, Expo 2020

The ringlet of screens that constitute Dinamo refers to one of the most fundamental ideas of the Spain Pavilion: a circular economy. The constant flow of visitors is recorded in real time within the closed circuit of the screens, resulting in multiple and infinite configurations.

Dinamo, just like World Expos, generates relationships, dialogue and encounters, which is only possible through teamwork and cooperation.

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