the best thai restaurant in dubai

Thanks to the global pandemic we are definitely missing traveling this year and while we can’t visit Thailand now, we can definitely enjoy authentic Thai cuisine at the recently reopened Benjarong restaurant at Dusit Thani Dubai.


Benjarong moved away from the Royal Thai look towards a more modern and still authentic interior design. The beautiful colors of the walls and furniture mimic the vubrant Thai cuisine while wood decor adds a warm touch and personality to the entire place.

The bar area is very welcoming with its comfortable chairs, rich decor and the view of Burj Khalifa. It is perfect for after work drinks or more intimate encounters.

Our gastronomic journey started with a beautiful welcome in the form of traditional prawn chips beautifully presented in a golden cage. Paired with a choice spicy sauce or fruity jam, this thai favourite got our appetites running.

Soup: Tom Yum Gai Rue Goong

Thai cuisine can’t be imagine without the famous Tom Yum soup and we surely could not skip it. I liked that we could choose between chicken and prawns as well as decide how spicy we wanted it to be. I chose medium spicy to enjoy the authentic flavour.


For starters we picked the beef salad Yum Neua Nam Tok Salad and Yum Tuna salad from the wellness menu. While the beef salad did not disappoint at all with its texture and spicy flavor, the tuna really stole our hearts.

Yum Neua Nam Tok Salad

Presented as a work of art, we hesitated to eat the tuna salad and made sure we took photos from every angle to document its beauty. Delicate tuna was adorned with flowers and and had a soft texture and a very sophisticated elegant flavour. It is light and perfect for anyone who takes their health seriously and does not want to compromise on favours of food either.

Yum Tuna


For mains we were recommended Pu Nim Pad Pong Karee (Softshell Crab curry) and Chef’s Signature Khao Soi.

Chef’s Signature Khao Soi was mildly spicy and full of flavour. I liked the crunchy noodles on top as well as the perfectly tender and juicy shrimps. If you love your noodles you should pick this signature dish for sure.

Chef’s Signature Khao Soi

Pu Nim Pad Pong Karee is a great choice for seafood lovers and someone who can’t handle spices well as it is not spicy and yet very delicious. After a little hesitation to eat every part of the crab, we quickly got used to it its crunchy yet soft texture and sophisticated flavour. pair it with some rice and it becomes a perfect plate to share for two.

Pu Nim Pad Pong Karee

Thai Desserts

Dessert is my favorite part of every meal and i could not wait to have the traditional Sticky Rice.

We appreciated the new presentation and the delicate sweet taste.

Sticky Mango Rice

Although personally I am not the biggest fan of Creme Brulee, Benjarong’s Coconut Creme Brulee really impressed me both with its presentation as well as the taste. Once we spooned out the dessert, I enjoyed the meaty coconut flesh. It is definitely a great take on the traditional Creme Brulee and this highly Instagrammable dessert is a must-try.

Coconut Creme Brûlée

Benjarong has always been one of the most popular Thai restaurants both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we are happy to see its transition from the Royal Thai look towards a more modern feel, both in interiors and in the dish presentation. To summarize, we had a beautiful experience that took us to the heart of Thailand without leaving Dubai. If you appreciate authentic high quality Thai cuisine, Benjarong should be on your list whether you plan a lunch with friends or an intimate dinner for two.

Opening hours:

Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00

Dinner: 19:00 to 23:30

For reservations, contact or (+971) 4 317 4515

Follow Benjarong on Instagram @BenjarongDubai 

Bonne appetite,

Slava Noor