Sky Diving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is a city with a lot of fun experiences and adventures on the menu ranging from skydiving to swimming with the dolphins to dune bashing. Read on to know what fun activities should be on your bucket list
Ultimate Dubai bucket list

Dubai has a lot to offer for every type of traveler but today we focus on the adrenaline addicts, always seeking the next “WOW” experience to tick off the bucket list. There are not many places on this planet where you could stay at a seven-star hotel, go skiing on a 45-degree summer’s day and dive with sharks on the same day. There are literally hundreds of activities which will make your Dubai days unforgettable, whether you are visiting or living in the most fascinating city in the Middle East.

Here are some of our favorites to add to your bucket list:

Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah

Sky Dubai

Don’t pass up the chance to fly at one of the world’s best skydiving spots and experience the incredible feelings of quiet once the parachute is open.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Hot air balloon Dubai

Once the basket is lifted gently away from the ground the feelings will be very surreal. Flying in a balloon is a unique sensation of floating freely through the air.

Swim with a sea lion at Atlantis the Palm.

swimming with sea lion at Atlantis, the Palm

Yes, dreams do come true! Surprisingly swimming with sea lions is not at all dangerous as you may reckon. But you will definitely experience the extraordinary sensations. They will dive underneath, brush against your legs and arms and stare you straight in the face!

Stay at the seven star hotel Burj Al Arab

Top luxury hotel Burj Al Arab

Spend a night at the most luxurious and magnificent hotel in the world, experience the utmost hospitality and service! Open the shutters on a sunny morning and feel in love with your life!

Skiing in the scorching summer is a must

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

It is an amazing way to keep out of the sizzling sun and encounter the Snow Penguins. This is an adventure that the whole family will love!

Jet Skiing around Burj Al Arab and Atlantis

Jet Skiing

Have some truly thrilling experience and get your adrenaline excitement on a guided jet-ski adventure in Dubai, and see the skyline of the city from the Persian Gulf. Speed past iconic sights such as the Burj Al Arab and go to Atlantis on top of Palm Jumeirah. Exciting feelings are guaranteed!

Watch the sunset from the world’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Tower

After the short rapid trip to the top of the building, you can contemplate the most beautiful view of the city and enjoy the most magical feelings of tranquility and the magnificent panorama of the futuristic city!

Escape from Dubai to the natural wanders

Al Qudra Lakes

Leave the skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city life and find yourself wandering in Al Qudra Lakes. Nothing can bring you more closely to the nature than the artificial lakes and sandy deserts, ironically some may say.

Visit Dubai museum

Dubai Museum

Dubai can deceive you into belief being only modern and futuristic city but many forget that it has a historical and traditional past. You won’t definitely regret the educational experience of the traditional local culture.

Relish the moment

Burj Al Arab beach

Are you a selfie maniac or an Instagram blogger? Then the beach with the stunning view of Burj Al Arab beyond any doubt is a must visit location! The spectacular photos and the relaxing day are guaranteed!

Desert adventures at Big Red

Big Red desert

If you are still young at heart then head out to Big Red and experience the untamed beauty of Arabian desert. Get ready for the rides you will never forget!

After having saturated your hunger for adventures, you fly home with the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. That was Dubai the city of dreams and desire!