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Slava Noor's staycation at Crowne Plaza Yas Island as well as yachting, dining and other adventures

Abu Dhabi has always been a personal favorite for all of the artistic and cultural events as well as international music concerts, Formula 1 and sailing courses in Las Marina.

I was very happy to pay another visit to the capital of United Arab Emirates, especially for a special occasion of celebrating Oktoberfest.

Crowne Plaza Yas Island

I have visited Crowne Plaza before and enjoyed both the stunning views as well as the warm hospitality. It is a perfect hotel for families and groups of friends as it offers many activities and spaces to relax between the beach and the pool.

A special welcome

I really liked the little surprise that awaited me in the room-the chocolate ghaf tree that symbolizes stability and peace along with other delicious treats from the hotel.

I liked this personal touch that gave homage to the beautiful traditions of UAE. I felt at home right away as my friend and I chatted over some tea while enjoying the beautiful view from my balcony.

Oktoberfest at Stills, Crowne Plaza Yas Island

Oktoberfest at Stills allowed the guests to enjoy the spirit Bavaria without leaving the UAE. Bavarian brews, buffet with mouthwatering German classics and live music by the German band Gaudiblosn from Munich created an unbeatable atmosphere of fun as big groups of friends and families celebrated together.

I really enjoyed browsing multiple stations and indulging on freshly grilled meats, salads and traditional pretzels.

Getting Sun-Kissed at the Yas beach

As a huge sea lover, I was happy to discover that we had the access to the Yas Beach and I enjoyed an early morning swim after the breakfast. When it got a bit warmer, I headed to the pool where the water was cooler and enjoyed the ambience created by the DJ who played energizing house.

Ahoy, Captain! Back to the beloved Yas Marina

On Saturday I joined the launch “Waves of Wisdom” organized by Natalie Hore. It was a great chance to come back to Yas Marina, where I spent so much time sailing and doing water sports in the pre-covid era. I absolutely adore the architecture and how the place feels like It could be anywhere in the world.

“Waves of Wisdom” Launch

Like most people who attended the “Waves of Wisdom”, I wanted to slow down, reconnect with myself on a deeper level and find tools to cope with stress and overwhelming emotions. On Friday I found out that my cat passed away and I was simply overwhelmed with all the grief.

I enjoyed the flow of the event as we all got to meet each other and then were split into 2 groups of other doing yoga or talking about the emotions and how we could productively cope with them.

We also enjoyed the sound healing session, which was absolutely sublime, followed by swimming around the yacht and chats over healthy snacks. I felt super grateful to have had such a magical day and have met so many wonderful souls!

Mexican vibes at Amerigos

Mexican vibes at Amerigos

As a huge lover of the Mexican culture and cuisine especially, I was happy to replenish lost calories at Amerigos, Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

The freshest guacamole, mouthwatering mushroom tacos, sizzling steak and delicious churros-this was a dinner we really enjoyed. I loved all the wall art and the stylish bar and funky cocktails as well.

Discovering SeaWorld

On Sunday we had a short trip to the SeaWorld and it was a good chance to enjoy the graceful stingrays and sharks, especially since `I have not dived for some time.

A weekend to remember

All in all, I was super happy to have spent the weekend in Abu Dhabi as I got to do so many fun things! Yas Island offers so many great things to do for families, groups of friends, residents or tourists and I am already dreaming of my next trip!

To find out all the happenings on Yas Island, visit https://www.yasisland.com

Stay curious,

Slava Noor