Recently our team visited the new highlight of the Dubai dining scene- Zenon and we were very excited to try it out as we equally love art and Mediterranean cuisine.

As soon as we walked in we were amazed by the huge screens with moving AI art. It instantly gave us a feeling of being in the future where advanced technology serves as the backdrop of the daily life.
At Zenon, dining become an art form. The dynamic AI visuals on the curved LED screens mesmerized us as we enjoyed the fusion cuisine. A true feast for all the senses!

The food was absolutely delicious, each dish presented beautifully. Our waiter, Ali, was incredibly welcoming, adding to the warmth of the evening. Highly recommend for a memorable culinary journey!

Zenon’s attention to detail truly astounded us – not only were all the dining sets adorned with the prestigious Hermes insignia, but the sculptures and artwork, including the stunning pieces from Dior and Hermes, added an extra layer of sophistication to our dining experience.

If you are looking for an unparalleled dining experience while immersing in AI Art, Zenon is definitely for you.

About Zenon

Zenon is not only a culinary destination but a vision of the future. Located in the heart of Dubai at the Kempinski Central Avenue, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai.  Zenon is an originally futuristic concept that blends opulence with forward-looking and advanced technology. Drawing inspiration from rich and ancient mythology, Zenon pays homage to mythological deities and warriors, which are tied in seamlessly with the venue. As a true gastronomic adventure, Zenon curates a culinary journey that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the vibrant city it resides in. The menu is inspired by the Mediterranean and brought to life with exotic Asian flavours, showcasing the world’s most luxurious and freshest ingredients, reminiscent of the divine ambrosia and the nectar of Olympus.

Rooted in the name of the ancient Greek deity Zeus, Zenon symbolizes a potent bond between the heavens and earth. It is not just a venue for dining but a unique intersection where advanced technology and exquisite gastronomy unite, crafting a modern and timeless atmosphere. The interiors are a testament to this union, where each corner reflects a harmony between tradition and innovation. Zenon welcomes up to 350-360 guests, including an exclusive VIP members’ area and a spacious outdoor terrace with AC vents, providing the perfect setting for an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience.

Welcome to Zenon, where the future of fine dining begins, and ancient lore meets contemporary tastes. Be part of the future and discover a world where gastronomy and innovation collide.

For more information, please visit: Follow Zenon on Instagram:@zenondubai