ramadan charity media one hotel
Ramadan – the month of giving and reflection – is almost upon us and Media One Hotel is giving back to the community by providing nutritious food and refreshing drinks throughout the holy month with their Ramadan Sharing Fridge.

For the fifth year in a row, Media One’s Ramadan Sharing Fridge is an initiative by Media One Cares, which aims to lend a helping hand to those in need by providing free food and cold beverages to less fortunate community workers and laborers during the month of Ramadan. Media One Hotel will set up the fridge at the tower parking entrance from 23rd of March to 20th of April. To ensure that the fridge is stocked every day, they have recruited their tenants to sponsor the food and drinks that go into the fridge.

Tenants and businesses are encouraged to sponsor for a day by donating fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, and bananas as well as drinks, including small bottles of water and soft drinks, in accordance with the Dubai Municipality guidelines. Dry fruit, yogurt, and biscuits in sealed packaging are also welcomed. With these charitable donations, Media One can ensure every member of the underprivileged community is well fed during the holy month.

The Ramadan Sharing Fridge will be available to the labor community and other low-salaried workers starting March 23rd, until April 20th. Contributions are always welcome and can be arranged by calling +971 52 670 6651.

For more information please visit https://mediaonehotel.com/