A’sh Co.,Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of "LITUP JAPAN," a VR commerce platform to demonstrate one-of-a-kind art works and traditional crafts created by Japanese artists.

“LITUP JAPAN” focuses on the “one-of-a-kind” of the highly selected artists, presenting 45 works ranging from traditional crafts that highlight Japanese craftsmanship, to contemporary art made by emerging young artists. By using photogrammetry, artworks are recreated in CG, allowing them to be viewed and purchased from any angle within the VR showroom. 
When purchasing an art works physically For artworks purchased physically, an NFT certificate will be associated. Digitalized artworks as NFTs are also available for purchase. As for the atmosphere, the VR showroom is designed based on traditional Japanese measurements, in order to emphasize the beauty and depiction of the artworks. 
For August 2023, we are exhibiting and selling artworks with total amount of 255 million yen. 

Furthermore, “LITUP JAPAN” plans to continue welcoming exclusively selected artists who aspire to expand their presence on the global stage.

LITUP JAPAN 2023 Participating Artists

From renowned artists who inherit traditional Japanese techniques to emerging young artists who handle contemporary art, we have various artists with diverse styles participating. We also plan to invite highly-selected artists who wish to expand their presence globally in the future. 

Yasuhiro Chiji (Kyo-Yuzen) 

A Yuzen artist that Japan is proud of, loved even by the highest-ranking noble family in Spain, the House of Alba.

Tatsuya Matsumoto (Lacquer Art) 

Recipient of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the Traditional Japanese Lacquer Art Exhibition. 
A lacquer artist who creates beautiful patterns through repeated application and polishing.

Kenyu Mitsuhashi (Kamakura-bori)

A contemporary artist who inherits the 800-year-old Kamakura carving tradition while infusing it with modern sensibilities. 

Arata Nagano (Kettle & Metalwork) 

A kettle master who revives the traditional Japanese iron-making technique “Wazuku” and creates a new legend for the next generation. 

Hirofumi MURATA (Funa-dansu ship safety box)

A ship tansu revived in the modern era that floats on water even if the ship sinks.

GINKO (Ceramics)

A hand-twisted ceramic artist who produces unique, vibrant, and three-dimensional works. 

Mari Nishimura (Oil Painting) 

A painter who radiates vibrant energy, based in both New York and Japan, traveling and exploring various parts of the world.

Koyuki Sakamoto (Sugar paint)

Dynamic works using sugar that can be enjoyed both visually and olfactorily. A one-of-a-kind sugar artist. 

Taijun Nagayama (Calligraphy) 

A calligrapher who continuously captures the unique beauty of the Japanese through “calligraphy”, embodying both orthodox tradition and innovation.

For more information, please https://litup-japan.com.