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Firetti Contemporary Art Dubai event Gaggenau gllery

Emirati Expressions: A Gaggenau-Firetti Art & Heritage Celebration

After the successful event at the Gaggenau Gallery, featuring an exhibition in support of young Emirati artists, Firetti Contemporary and the luxury home appliances icon Gaggenau cordially invite you to an evening of art celebration. Join for a delightful experience that includes showcasing emerging Emirati artists, culinary delights, and a display of luxury design. The event will include an award ceremony of a selected art collection to media supporters.

Josh Rowell art dubai exhibition firetti Contemporary

MORAL CODES – the First Solo Exhibition of Josh Rowell in the Middle East at Firetti Contemporary

Firetti Contemporary presents the first solo exhibition of Josh Rowell in the Middle East, titled MORAL CODES and curated by Celine Azem. The exhibition presents a thought-provoking trajectory of Rowell’s work, featuring his renowned series such as “Painting Language,” “Virtually Fragile,” and “Mosaics.” Opening on the 7th of September 2023, this exhibition delves into the realms of ethics, communication, and the evolving digital landscape, inviting viewers to contemplate the moral codes that shape our society.

‘Roots and Reflections: A Journey through Time and Nature’ Art Exhibition at Firetti Contemporary, Dubai

“Roots and Reflections: A Journey through Time and Nature” is an immersive exhibition that takes viewers on a captivating journey through the works of four contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds. These artists employ various mediums to create works that capture their personal histories, life experiences, cultural roots, and reflections on nature.

african artisits firetti gallary dubai art

‘An Odyssey of Identity’ Art Exhibition at Firetti Contemporary, Dubai

An Odyssey of Identity features the work of six artists who explore the complexity and multifaceted nature of oneself. Drawing on the influential theories of bell hooks, the exhibition explores the importance of compartmentalizing existence and acknowledging the ever-evolving construct of individuality. These works reflect the interplay of diverse cultural and social spectrums that shape individual experiences.

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