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Month: June 2024

The International Dance Festival Ballet Globe Will Present World Stars of Contemporary Dance to the Almaty Audience

Международный фестиваль танца Ballet Gloobe завершит свой сезон грандиозным событием этого лета! 29 июня звезды мирового балета посетят Казахстан и представят жителям и гостям Алматы яркие и смелые постановки в своем исполнении на большой сцене Almaty Theatre.

Carsten Höller Transforms Unfinished Staircase in 18th Century Venetian Palace

Carsten Höller (1961, Brussels), has designed a permanent and functional artwork at Palazzo Diedo, the Doubt Staircase, which was unveiled at Palazzo Diedo on 22nd June 2024. Transforming an original unfinished staircase in the 18th century Palace, the spiral staircase features metal balustrades, Vicenza stone and marmorino marble, all joined by metal frames. Accessible to visitors, the artwork will serve as a practical link between the main floors of Palazzo Diedo.

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