Visit these art galleries and museums in Milan, Italy if you love art, Be inspired by art ranging from renaissance to contemporary

Rome has always been the very heart of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century, and till today, it boasts of its rich architectural and artistic heritage as the center of the Western civilization. Whether you are a resident of Rome, or plan to visit anytime soon, here is a list of art galleries and museums that you should visit during your stay there.

1. MAXXI, National Museum of Art in the 21stcentury (@museomaxxi)

As the first Italian national institution that promotes art and creativity, the National Museum of Art has been founded in 1998 by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, where the museum offers the observer an opportunity to enjoy the art of our time through art exhibitions, architecture exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and educational projects.

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2. Gagosian Gallery (@gagosian)

As one of the great 15 galleries established by Larry Gagosian around the world, this gallery opened in Rome in 2007. The Gagosian Gallery specializes in showing modern and contemporary art, and has been designed by the late Roman architect Firouz Galdo.

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3. MACRO Museum, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea (@macromuseuroma)

MACRO Museum is a contemporary museum for the arts in Rome that is becoming a centre for contemporary art and aims to be multi functional, whilst engaging the community in the arts. In 2020, MACRO has began a program called “Museum for Preventive Imagination” which is a single exhibition until the end of 2022.

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4. Galleria Lorcan O’Neill (@gallerialorcanoneill)

Established in 2003 by an Irish man, Lorcan O’ Neill, this contemporary art space allows for the best of the contemporary art world to showcase their work in the heart of Rome. It is bustling with exhibitions and shows that elaborate on the world of contemporary art.

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5. Galleria del Cembalo (@galleriadelcembalo)

Galleria del Cembalo is an 18th century monument owned by Marcantonio IV Borghese. The story of the gallery is that the 18th century aristocrat attempted to bring fame to his family by decorating the home with brilliant works of popular late 18th century artists.

The gallery opened in 2013 for the public, and also offers exhibitions by contemporary artists, including photography exhibitions.

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6. Spazio Nuovo (@spazionuovo) 

An art gallery and a new space for photography and contemporary arts, the curated exhibitions at Spazio Nuovo are a celebration of creativity, with lectures and events that keep the city well engaged. A must see for the locals and a place worth checking out for all art enthusiasts!

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7. Monitor Rome (@monitorgallery)

The contemporary arts hub of Rome since 2013, Monitor Rome has welcomed visitors to showcase the world of arts from modern artists all over the world, including artists in Rome.

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8. Galleria Varsi (@galleriavarsi)

Varsi was founded in 2013 by Massimo Scrocca as an art gallery in the historic center of Rome. It is a fun and an exciting place to be, with all its spaces curated by the artists that collaborate with the Varsi Lab. Street art and culture, contemporary arts and community events, this is the place to be!

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9. Valentina Bonomo Gallery (@galleriavalentinabonomo)

Since 2002, this gallery has been a space that has represented both traditional arts and emerging artists in this creative hub. From paintings to installations, sculptures and photography, you will be happy to have visited this art gallery!

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10. Contemporary Cluster (@contemporary_cluster)

Contemporary Cluster is an art gallery for the art enthusiasts, where art, architecture, design, fashion and music all come together under one roof. This three story gallery is a place where you can socialize at events and openings with artists and locals alike. Located at the historic centre of Palazzo Cavallerini Lazzaroni, this place has been voted as the Best Italian Hybrid Space of 2019 by Artribune, the leading arts magazine of Italy.

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We hope that you will enjoy discovering the art scene in Rome as much as we do. Feel free to share this list with your friends and let us know in the comments what other art spaces you enjoy in the city