In his first solo exhibition for SARP, Enzo Tomasello’s works strip the observer with the memory of freedom and beauty, the observer becomes a full participant in the very personal experience of the artist which allows him for a moment to forget himself, and be filled with the experience of what connects life and art. 

Curated by Alfio Puglisi, ‘Custodian Trees’ will feature an immersive space filled with works depicting trees, custodian trees. The presentation will range from unseen drawings, oil paintings on paper and canvas.

We invite audiences to immerse themselves in the works of Enzo Tomasello:… To spend time with and to explore the artist’ questions and doubts, his curiosities and anxieties; his investigations into the worlds of trees, as custodian trees of life, knowledge and oxygen.

Maria Principato

See more of Enzo’s work on his website