“DIFC Art Nights” will kick off at the Dubai International Financial Center on Tuesday, November 17 for the new edition of its two-day event, with the participation of a group of UAE-based artists, who exhibit collections of their most beautiful artworks to a diverse international audience.

New to this session, which will be held in the “Village of the Gate”, is the special presence of the art of “calligraffiti”, which combines calligraphy, and graffiti (wall drawings) in three-dimensional paintings rich in bold colors, through the young artist Foad Hamzeh who goes by the name “FH.Visual”.

Foad Hamzeh is displaying his impressive collection of 3D calligraphy after the wide turnout witnessed by the artwork he participated in in the “Art of the World Dubai” exhibition early last October.  What was remarkable in the exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Center is the interest of a large group of foreign visitors in the paintings of calligraphy painted in the style of calligraffiti.

Foad Hamzeh is a University of Architecture graduate (Art and Design) of The American University of Dubai. He studied painting for years with the artist Haidar Hamaoui, who is known for his mixing of Impressionism and Symbolism. He also studied Arabic calligraphy for two years with the famous calligrapher, Wissam Shawkat.  

Foad Hamzeh devised his own Arabic font, “Al-Fouad” which is used for Arabic graffiti.