Al Masar Gallery has announced the opening of the long waited Exhibition by Eminent and renowned Artist, KAREEM EL QURITY (B.1982), Titled: WAITING, on Sunday 22nd May from 6;00 to 9:00 PM. The Exhibition will showcase the Artist's recent large works, produced throughout the past few years

The Human Body is considered the main Catalyst of my Art practice and body of work, Due to its potentials and the renewed means of expression that it carries within, which constantly accompany my thought as a Visual reference for my Expression, style and technique. Through such, I closely observe the features of wait and anticipation which manifests in reaction to the Social and economic evolution, while confirming the cinematic scenes and photographs as a reference.

About the Artist

Kareem El Qurity (B.1982), Cairo. His practice is through a figurative expression style and merging old and Modern painting techniques. The Artist composes personalities of some references that swing between reality and fantasy, in an attempt to observe the nature of the current thoughts and concepts of our Contemporary Society, where they began, how they evolved, and the Social model that has been sorted and established throughout many circles, which effected the relation between man and his social surrounding.

The Artist is inspired by the faces and body language of the people he observes in his daily life. Al Qurity’s Art practice is much influenced by the vibrant scenes of life in Cairo, especially the Contemporary expressions used in their daily lives practice. Al Qurity ‘s main source of inspiration is life where he starts for example by sketching people in public transportation to observe the subtle variations of their moods, then later by turning them into paintings and drawings that depict their entire emotions clearly speaking for themselves. Al Qurity has a way of manipulating expression, composition and body language skillfully giving a voice to the silent faces he presents in his paintings.

Waiting III – Acrylic on Canvas – 200×100 cm – 2021
Kareem El Qurity

El Qurity Graduated from the Faculty of Art Education, Zamalek, Cairo, 2003. Granted his Master’s degree in (The Philosophical currents of the Post September 2001 Contemporary Middle Eastern Arts) in 2016, and currently works as an Art professor at the faculty of Arts, Cairo since 2017 until today. His works has been acquired by Major and Important Regional and international collection through Christie’s and few major Solo and group Exhibition at Al Masar Gallery which represents the Artist since 2008.

About the Gallery

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