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A unique collaboration of art and nightlife opens with an exclusive Middle East exhibition of works by legendary pop culture icon David Bowie.

Taiko Dubai, located at Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk, is delighted to announce its first ever collaboration with Masterpiece Dubai; a fine art dealership from the United Kingdom that recently opened its flagship gallery within the UAE. The first endeavour of its kind for both entities, the partnership unveils an exclusive showcase of art works known as ‘The Arcane Series’ by the late musician and legend David Bowie at Taiko Bar. Launching on the 8th of July, guests are invited to revel in an enthralling environment of art and culture combined with culinary excellence and inspired libations.

Never before seen in the region, The Arcane Series was initially conceived as Christmas cards by David Bowie in 1975 and are the earliest and foremost visual representations of the musician’s interest in the esoteric. The series consists of five silkscreen prints inspired by a multitude of contemporary 70’s references which remained a lifelong interest well into Bowie’s later life. Tarot, Kabbalah and divinity play heavily in the conceptualization of the five prints within The Arcane Series with the artworks representing Lovers, Death, Star, Moon & Earth. Executed in bold colours on fine and delicate hand-made Japanese paper, the creation of The Arcane Series shows considerable care and attention. These imaginative, mystical, and eclectic prints, based on specifically selected cards from the Thoth Tarot of British occultist Aleister Crowley, personify Bowie’s active interest in magic and the occult, imbuing hidden and personal meaning that is deemed the most intimate collection of fine artworks created by Bowie himself.

Exclusively hosting this one-of-a-kind exhibition, Taiko Bar, the contemporary Asian concept from Amsterdam and brainchild of culinary genius Schilo van Coevorden, serves as the idyllic setting to showcase these original and breath-taking works. To mark the collaboration, visiting guests to Taiko Bar are invited to indulge in a selection of Bowie inspired cocktails and unique concoctions created by talented Taiko Bar mixologists. The specially curated menu highlights a variety of unique spirits with cocktails named after Bowie’s biggest musical hits including the Star Man; a lychee citrus-based spirit topped with purple shiso salt to tingle the taste buds,while the Rebel Rebel features a white grape and frozen passion fruit sangria mix. Finally, Space Oddity, is a heady combination of exotic fruit-infused liqueurs for guests to savour as they peruse the selected art works on display.

Schilo van Coevorden, founder and executive chef at Taiko said “As a fan of the late David Bowie and someone who has always appreciated the art world, I am delighted to partner with Masterpiece for this collaboration. I have always admired Bowie’s art works in addition to his music and it is an honour to have the opportunity to showcase his pieces at Taiko Bar.”

The collaboration between Taiko Bar and Masterpiece Fine Art Dubai sets an encouraging example for new ideas and alliances within the UAE arts and culture scene. The inaugural Middle East exhibition of ‘The Arcane Series’ at Taiko Bar will provide residents and tourists a social destination and cultural focal point suited to local artists, admirers, collectors, and corporations to closely connect with the booming circle of art in the city of Dubai.

Exhibition Details:

Artist: David Bowie

Artwork: The Arcane Series

Location: Taiko Contemporary Asian Cuisine & Bar, Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk

Duration: July 8th – August 8th, 2021