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American University of Sharjah (AUS) continues to expand its offering of master’s programs, with a new Master of Arts in International Studies now being offered through the university’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

The new program, which will take its first cohort of students this coming fall semester, will prepare students for a career in international affairs, whether they are seeking to work in fields as diverse as the foreign service, diplomacy, trade, international aid, international law, international development, global finance or many other areas. As well as obtaining a firm grounding in the historical events that have led to the existing global order, students will also explore the latest developments impacting relations between countries and organizations at a regional and global level. Particular emphasis will be placed on the historical issues affecting modern-day relations in the Middle East, especially the Gulf region, and how current negotiations and agreements will affect both state and non-state actors in the future.

The Master of Arts in International Studies program offers a multidisciplinary education that trains the next generation of global leaders and change makers in the creation of innovative, impactful, and ethical solutions to contemporary global challenges.

Dr. Mahmoud Anabtawi, Dean of the AUS College of Arts and Sciences

The program has been introduced due to the popularity of the university’s Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and demand for graduates with high-level knowledge and skills in the field. 

“This program has particular relevance at present, as globalization challenges, climate change and geo-political tensions require international cooperation on many levels, with international institutions that are robust and able to produce meaningful outcomes. Graduates of this program will be the future leaders of the international community, fostering closer relationships between state and non-state actors and driving the collaboration needed to overcome some of the most problematic challenges of our time to achieve a peaceful and sustainable future,” said Dr. Yuting Wang, Head of the Department of International Studies at AUS.

Students will be able to focus on the specific areas of international studies of greatest interest to them, whether it is the environment, politics, globalization, human rights, global migration, conflict or international law and organizations. Regardless of their area of interest, they will benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of the university’s portfolio, allowing them to learn from faculty specializing in distinct and unique areas. Emphasis is placed on linking theory with real-world learning, preparing students for career success upon graduation.

Like all programs at AUS, the Master in Arts in International Studies has a focus on experiential learning, helping to ensure the workplace success of our students once they graduate. Students will further develop the key skills relevant to any role or workplace, including teamwork, cross-cultural communication, leadership and many others.

As a graduate program, the Master of Arts in International Studies has been developed to cater to the needs of those already in the workforce, with flexible class times available. Assistantships are also on offer, making the program more financially accessible for many students and giving students valuable research experience

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