Donald Trump is (finally) leaving the White House as the whole world is celebrating Biden’s Victory. While Trump has failed to achieve or build anything worthy during his presidency, he has definitely brought us a lot of entertainment with his self-centred tweets and his childish behaviour. Art is reflection of society and these 10 art works definitely detect America’s worst president quite well.

“The Nightmare” by Mark Bryan


Artist Mark Bryan satirizes Trump presidency in The Nightmare, painted in December 2016. the artwork depicts what artist Mark Bryan imagined the Trump presidency would be like.It turned out to be exactly the way the artist envisioned Trump’s presidency 4 years ago and arguably even worse.

I make general statements with my Trump art and then I go off and do my other work, which is a lot more fun,” Bryan said. “Once in a while I like to make comments not just about politics, but about life in these times.

“Hello Shitty! Available in White House Near You” by Gwenn Seemel

Hello Shitty! Available in White House Near You by Gwenn Seemel

This artwork was removed just 30 minutes after the exhibition opening at the Monclair Public Library in New Jersey due to mass criticism and backlash. The artwork features Donald Trump wearing the hat that reads “Make America White Again” and there was also a bit of drama surrounding the title as it was states as “Hello Kitty” in the documentation. The artist argued that her artwork could hardly be more offensive than the president himself.

Jon McNaughton Pro Trump ‘Masterpiece’ and Anti Trump Memes

Jon McNaughton’s Latest Pro-Trump ‘Masterpiece’ literally broke internet.

McNaughton explained on his website and in his social-media posts, the painting represents Trump’s “greatest achievements

World wide web users were fast to react and mocked the artist with their own versions of the painting resulting in hundreds of memes all over social media.

Trump by Devon Almarinez

Artist Devon Almarinez has created a pop art painting of Donald Trump which evokes repulsion rather than admiration which we feel with Andy Warhol’s portraits.

Donald Trump Portrait with Bull Manure by Andrew Kong Knight

Andrew Kong Knight has created anti Trump artwork using real bull manure he collected from the hills of his hometown in California.

“The bull manure coming out of Trump’s mouth represents the hate, bullying and lies that Trump is spewing through his words and actions across our country and into the rest of our world.

I’ve done hundreds of portraits, but this one is indeed the ugliest one I’ve ever created, it’s a reaction to what I’ve seen and felt over the last few months.

Donald Trump Food Portraits by Asier Sanz

Spanish illustrator Asier has created a series of humorous depictions of Donald Trump using food and other objects.

Trump Esta Frito

“Trump is Fried” says Bilbao based artist Asier Franz and it is definitely the case when an image speaks a thousand words. Or a little more 🙂

“The Reckoning” 2019 by Mark Bryan

“The Reckoning” 2019 is inspired by Goya’s Los Caprichos and perfectly reflects the mood of society today.

“Sooner or later the clowns get what they deserve. Good riddance Donald!”-adds Mark Bryan on his FB page and we could not agree more!

I hope you enjoyed this article far more than you enjoyed the last four years of Trump’s presidency. Please share which artwork you admired the most in the comments and let us know whose work we should add to this collection so that the future generations have a clear idea of what Donald Trump’s presidency has been like.

Stay safe, stay inspired and stay away from toxic politicians.

Slava Noor