La Galerie is proud to host ‘French Kiss’, a painting exhibition by artist Marc Ferrero from November 9 to December 11, 2020. Alliance Française Dubai partners up with La Galerie Nationale for Marc Ferrero’s first show in the Middle East.

“French Kiss” by Marc Ferrero is a series of paintings paying homage to the 21st century woman; a modern woman who sets herself multifaceted and unique, the heroin of modern times.

A face of a woman wearing large black sunglasses: this is the main subject of the LIPSTICK series by French contemporary painter Marc Ferrero. Marc Ferrero is at the head of a new pictorial movement, Storytelling Art, which is defined by the use of fictional stories and characters, playing audaciously with the point of view, and the fusion of different graphic styles. These portraits express the different roles that are offered to women in modern life. Tackling the classical round shapes that are traditionally used by artists to represent women figures, Marc Ferrero is showing her inner strength through strong graphical angles, lines and forms but he softens this impression of power with the lipstick as the symbol of femininity inside volutes and shadows. The fusion of Cubism and Figurativism gives a powerful effect to the artworks, creating a strong visual impact.

Marc Ferrero Biography

Born in 1963 in France, Marc Ferrero began drawing influenced by comics. Passionate about TV series and movies from the 70’s, he realized the need to fragment and section stories on canvas. Despite the fact that he is a self-made man, the path he followed during his training is somewhat classic: a long apprenticeship focused on drawing and sketching (black lead, charcoal, black and white, gouache then acrylic and oil). 
He stopped studying at the age of 16 to devote himself to various life projects that allowed him to travel extensively and to develop his sense of the imagination in order to create stories. 
At 26, with the start of a script in mind, he settled in Brussels to present his first boards to the various comic book publishers. In the meantime, he won the Olivier Strelli Prize for his story board “Art in the city”. Quickly feeling cramped in the world of comics, he began to work on canvases and larger formats and had a first exhibition in 1996, selling his first works. He participated in his first contemporary art fair in New York in 1999 and upon his return to France opened his own studio gallery in Èze and then in Saint-Paul de Vence in 2008. As international artist, Marc Ferrero made hundreds exhibition worldwide but he is also famous for his strong collaboration with luxury watchmaker Hublot.

When – From November 9 to December 11, 2020 
Opening on Nov 09 at 6:30pm with the attendance of Marc Ferrero 
La Galerie is open from 9am to 7pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and until 5pm on Thursday and Saturday. 
Where – La Galerie, Alliance Française Dubai, Oud Metha, street 18 
Admission is free