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Abu Dhabi Art has announced that entry will be free of charge for all visitors to its upcoming art fair, taking place from 16-20 November at Manarat Al Saadiyat. The complimentary access highlights Abu Dhabi Art’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting the local arts and culture scene and has been made possible thanks to newly appointed co-lead fair sponsor for 2022, Charles Zuber. Visitors can enjoy the full fair experience by pre-registering through Abu Dhabi Art’s website

High-end Neo-Swiss jewellery and watch brand Charles Zuber is set to become a driving creative force in the luxury market and will be exclusively launched at Abu Dhabi Art this year. Visitors will see the unveiling of curated artworks by fine art and NFT photographer Lara Zankoul which, inspired by the ethos and creative philosophy of the brand, embody dimension, motion and distortion.

Mohamed Hilal Group, Abu Dhabi Art’s other co-lead sponsor, will concurrently be promoting luxury perfume brand Hind Al Oud by inviting visitors to discover their ‘Ahojas’ moment: Think, Feel, Create. The immersive perfume experience invites visitors to explore their emotions in connection with their sense of smell. Hind Al Oud is the sensory embodiment of the Mohamad Hilal Group – a group that seeks to infuse emotion into each aspect no matter the nature of the industry. Hind Al Oud creates a sensory journey by using unique ingredients to create exquisite scents that lend themselves to profound emotions.

Dyala Nusseibeh, Director, Abu Dhabi Art, said: “Introducing complimentary access to the fair fulfills a great ambition for us, in providing an opportunity for a wide audience to engage with the cultural programming that the art fair has to offer, whilst maintaining our commercial DNA as a space for the sale and acquisition of artworks. With the strength of gallery presentations, exhibitions, artist commissions, art workshops and talks at the fair there is something for a diverse range of visitors to experience and we look forward to welcoming all the public through this new initiative. We are pleased to have found a partner in Charles Zuber and the Mohamad Hilal Group, with whom we share a passion for supporting creativity and innovation in the cultural sphere. Excitingly, Charles Zuber will essentially be born at Abu Dhabi Art this year, leaving us with a special legacy to support.”

We are pleased to bring the world of Charles Zuber to life at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair through the eyes of dimension, motion and distortion. The Charles Zuber world is a manifestation of Neo-Swiss luxury with a daring edge, escaping the predictable and entering a realm of exuberance with a close association to the art world.

Vincent Perego, Associate Director of Operations at Charles Zuber
Hind al Oud Ahojas. Photo courtesy of Mohamed Hilal Group

In addition to the physical fair, Abu Dhabi Art will continue to offer a virtual platform for collectors to explore works this year, accessible at The annual November art fair is the culmination of Abu Dhabi Art’s year-round visual arts programme. 

We are excited to bring the guests of the Abu Dhabi Art Fair on a sensory adventure of emotions through an array of unique and inspiring scents from Hind Al Oud. We seek to envelop guests in an artistic exploration of the scents created by Hind Al Oud to match each emotion with an inspiring perfumery experience.

Mohamed Hilal, Mohamed Hilal Group CEO

For more information about the art fair please visit or follow Abu Dhabi Art on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube to access the latest information.

About Abu Dhabi Art

Abu Dhabi Art expands beyond the notion of a traditional art fair, in placing strong emphasis on a diverse public engagement programme, including art installations and exhibitions, talks and events that take place in different locations throughout the year.

The culmination of this year-long programme is the Abu Dhabi Art event in November, which provides an important sales platform for participating galleries whilst also offering these galleries an opportunity to showcase ambitious installations and site-specific works by their artists to a wide audience.

About Charles Zuber

It is a Genevan-born atelier inspired by the life of mystery Swiss-jeweler Charles Zuber. In the spirit of rekindling the legacy of its founder, its satiate the hunger through an emotional journey of the unexpected. The atelier is fueled by obsessive creativity, an affinity for crafting mesmerizing moments and a daring vision, as they captivate the discerning elite who seek the provocative beauty of simplicity.

Charles Zuber is escaping the codes of the predictable as its fuse the mastery of jewelry-making with the precise craftsmanship of horology to create a singular and distinguishable Neo-Swiss luxury experience that induces the spellbinding feeling of desire. The Charles Zuber signature; an exuberant experience. 

About Mohamad Hilal Group

A dream that turned into reality, that is how the inception of the Mohamed Hilal Group was manifested. A vision to epitomize emotion regardless of the industry is the drive behind the Emirati group. 

Hind Al Oud started the emotional journey of Mohamed Hilal Group over 20 years ago, with the ambition to create exclusive scents for every emotion using the most exquisite perfumery ingredients. The luxury Emirati house took off and led the group to expand with additional brands such as Anfasic Dokhoon and Khaltat.