art dubai Féminin Pluriel & kanvas
Meet the unseen collaboration between kanvas and the French female artist collective Féminin Pluriel.

Féminin Pluriel & kanvas invite you to the Grand Opening of “Beyond the city – Chapiter 1”, on November 17 from 5pm. Be ready for a unique exhibition where the physical artworks of 10 artists will be immersed into the digital world of kanvas, for the greatest pleasure of our senses.

Paintings, photos, drawing, ceramics, visual arts… each artwork, created for this show, will offer a vision of opposition between the City and Nature. A strong commitment, in line with the year of COP28 in the Emirates.

Julie Migayron Arfaoui and Karine Roche, both talented French artists based in Abu Dhabi, will join Agnès Sheikh, Alexandra Raynaud, Alison Ladegaillerie, Bénédicte Joland-Chazelle, Bénédicte Leymonerie, Bianca Dolman, Clémence Powney and Valérie Schmitt-Manouvrier for the occasion.

Always looking forward to surprising you, kanvas & Féminin Pluriel offer you an unforgettable artistic adventure of light & sound effects from November 17 to December 2.

Important information: To enjoy the show during the opening you must book your slot (30 guests / slot of 30minutes): Beyond The City – Book Here