The United Arab Emirates, one of the most art forward places, is yet again scheduled to host an incredible art exhibition on July 27th which will display various styles of the traditional art form, “Calligraphy”, in its modern disposition, all the while venerating the high valued traditions and culture.

Calligraphy is the Art of writing letters beautifully in different styles using various techniques without compromising the disciplined construction of letters to maintain the spirit of the ethnic art which evokes the rich tradition and legacy of the Arab world. Dubai Art Scene will witness the 1stedition of Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition by Art4you Gallery.



Tradition and Culture always plays a vital role in modulating the younger generation, who are an asset, and holds a major role in the sustainable development of a nation. Administration and organizations in The UAE values this philosophy and provides a larger quality platform to Identify, Develop, Appreciate and Enhance the younger talents supported by the decade’s long experience of Masters.


Sustainable growth of a nation is always supported by the young ignited minds along with the experienced masters giving equal respect to its tradition and culture, and this is what ART4You gallery would entrust to the society with their show CaliXpressions

Art4You Gallery founders Jesno Rengi and Rengi Cheria,  being active members of the UAE Art fraternity, relentlessly create platforms to showcase magnificent talents through various events which has been largely appreciated on a global platform and now is all set to launch the massive gathering in coordination with Studio Seven Art Gallery to share ideas and to experience and influence younger minds to pursue their path towards art, by visualizing the stunning creations of masters on the eve of 27th July under the title CaliXpressions.


The ceremony will feature the honored;

CHIEF GUEST – Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid

(Director of Fine Arts, Dubai Culture)

GUEST OF HONOR – Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi

(Director of Programs & Partnership – Ministry of Tolerance, Chairman of Dubai Folklore Theatre)


The widely recognized and astounding 7 masters Ahmed Al Dossary, Ali Al Ameri, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Dia Allam, Hicham Chajai, Nisar Ibrahim & Shaymaa AlKhatib will join hands with ART4You Gallery at Studio Seven Art Gallery to commemorate yet another mystic superlative event of art by unveiling their stunning creations of Calligraphy synchronized with their modern views. In this echibition , calligraphy is a supreme art form in design, painting and sculpture.


“Art is a way of bridging societies and cultures – and all art speak the same language of beautify, inspiration and creativity”, says Co-founder of Art4you – Rengi Cherian.