As the UAE celebrates its 50th National Day, we would like to share the art of some of our favorite established and emerging Emirati artists as well as the expats who call UAE their second home.

Abdulqader Al Rais, U.A.E

Abdul Qader Al Rais, born in 1951, is a self-taught Emirati artist most noted for his abstract artwork that incorporates geometric forms with Arabic script. The use of floating painted squares across the canvas is a recognizable style in his work. Geometric motifs and styles produce multiple illusions to add depth. 

Al Rais also paints realistic landscapes and subjects from his homeland.
During 2016, Al Rais art pieces were included in a group exhibition in Berlin, entitled Art Nomads – Made in the Emirates which represented contemporary Emirati art and culture.  

Instagram: @abdulqaderalrais


Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, U.A.E.

Love Hurts, 2019 by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi. Image courtesy of the artist.

Sumayyah Al Suwaidi born in 1980, Dubai holds a Masters degree in Arts, Culture and Creative Industries.

She begins each piece with a sketch, or a simple photograph combining textures, colors, contrasts that make her creations unique and invaluable. Her first exhibition was in 2003 in Abu Dhabi, showcasing amongst many of the UAE’s pioneer artists. Shortly after, she began to exhibit her work in various galleries all over the UAE and across the world. In addition, her work has been sold in Christie’s Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art Part II 2012 auction.

Instagram: @sumayyahalsuwaidi


Jalal Luqman, U.A.E.

Close up of ‘Wired Wrong’ by Jalal Luqman

Jalal Luqman (UAE) is considered to be one of the pioneers in Emirati Art, Limitless in his approach he is a mixed media Artist to the word, creating art out of anything, Digital Art, traditional, metal, steel, wood and plastic.

With this arsenal of media familiarity, Luqman has created artworks that transcend the limits or confines of the frame to reach out and provoke the viewer. He confesses that his work may not be beautiful, but it is meaningful.

Jalal Luqman is an internationally recognized mixed media artist with exhibitions in New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Morocco, The Czech Republic, Egypt, Washington DC, Kuwait, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Instagram: @jalalluqman


Mattar Bin Lahej, U.A.E.

Mattar Bin Lahej, born in 1968, is an Emirati painter, photographer and sculptor. His subject matter includes icons of the Emirates such as the falcon, horses and Emirati sports.

Mattar Bin Lahej UAE Artist Arte & Lusso
Emirati painter, photographer and sculptor, Mattar Bin Lahej. Image courtesy of the artist.

In 1991, Bin Lahej opened Marsam Mattar -the first gallery in the U.A.E. to be opened by an artist. His aim has always been to support and help nurture artistic talent within the country.

Instagram: @mattarbinlahej

Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi, U.A.E.

The debut solo exhibition Kn-bkhair by Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi . Image courtesy by artist.

A self-taught multidisciplinary artist and writer, Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi likes to explore different media and experiment in his practice.
He believes in the power of art to unify people and as a means of self-expression.

Instagram: @hamdaany

Fatma Lootah, U.A.E.

Artwork by Fatma Lootah. Image courtesy of the artist.

Born and raised in the U.A.E. Fatma Lootah studied art at the Art Academy of Baghdad, studied further in Washington D.C. before settling in Verona, Northern Italy. After her first solo exhibition held in Dubai in 2009, Fatma returns more often to work in her studio in the Al Fahidi district.

Her work represents figurative portraits in the abstract style mixed with digital media. Always passionate about art, Fatma says she knew that she wanted to be an artist from age 13, and had her first official exhibition when she was 15.

Instagram: @fatmalootah

Paul Dennis, UK

‘I believe that true art should reflect on a time and a place’ – Paul Dennis Glorifying the mundane! This art is nothing you haven’t seen before. On the contrary, it’s actually what you see every day but never stop to notice. There is somebody’s story on every corner, every sidewalk or doorway. How often do we actually gaze or reflect on how unique that story could be from our own.

Instagram: @pauldennisart

Kenna Al-Sayed, UAE

I have always been drawn to the animals that are prominent within the culture and history of the UAE, especially the Arabian horse. They are intrinsic to our history, a timeless representation of our spirit. I was inspired by the quote and the Emir Abd-ElKader from “The Horses of the Sarah”, in which he says, “When Allah willed to create the horse he said to the south wind…condense thyself!” For me that artistically demanded to be painted; which I think also is quite fitting for the Year of the 50th. The UAE has gone through dramatic and unparalleled growth in 50 years, the wind from the dunes still dances in our hearts as we progress forward meeting the future with our heads held high, eager to see what wonders lay ahead.

Instagram: @sorrelstudios


Florian Kriechbaumer, Germany 

1) Caging the Sun

Three workers representing the entirety of the UAE’s laborers aiming to build a better life for their future, as the sun sets on Kite Beach in Dubai.  

2) Cutting Light

Once the tallest buildings in Dubai when they opened in 2000, the striking edges of Emirates Towers are a landmark sight across the city. 

3) Rising Giants

This sequence of photographs, sliced diagonally and combined into a new image showcasing the earth’s celestial companion rising behind Burj Khalifa on a full moon evening. 

4) Upwards 

A group of towers in Dubai Marina, colloquially referred to as the “Tallest Block on the Planet”, photographed from the ground into the sky using a Fisheye lens.  

Instagram: @djflore


Mattia Gambardella, Italy

The United Arab Emirates was formed On December 2, 1971, upon the historic meeting of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and their Highnesses Rulers of the emirates. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first president of the seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi (the Capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan that lasted for 40 years, the country was dramatically transformed into a strong modern nation after a long journey of giving and achievements.

“United” celebrates the Historical landmark decision of unifying the 7 Emirates, which represents one of the highest marking points in the Emirates history and is crucial to its future success.

The installation creates a space where a centripetal force is bringing together 7 streams, connected to a central space for gathering. The artwork wants to symbolize the common effort in the next 50 years to reach the next ambitious goals through a joint effort amongst the Emirates, allowing the common rise to new heights and achievements together.

The Installation is 14×14 mt and is made of CNC bent tubular structure and white ropes connected to the base. The ropes give a filtered vision and a sense of transparency allowing for visual interplay between the visitors.
The visitors can walk amongst the paths in the installation and experience the art piece with their senses.

Instagram: @mattia_gambardella


Sonu Sultania, India

‘The biggest Capital of any country is its people. The demographical diversity of the country is defined by the progressive vision of their leaders and my painting “The Journey” is simply inspired by this progressive vision. The UAE has grown tremendously in all sectors since its inception which has been only possible due to the great leaders in the country. From a cluster of villages on the Arabian Peninsula engaged in pearl diving and spice trading, a nation has successfully emerged with enviable economic strength.

My painting ‘The Journey’ showcase the demographical diversity of UAE which is one of the biggest factors in its growth in the last 50 years as well as for its bright future ahead. The success of national economies, much like the success of individual companies, is predominantly dependent on the ability to correctly predict future talent requirements and put into place timely measures to harness that talent. In nurturing this pioneering spirit, the UAE’s new VISA system marks another milestone on its path in creating conducive conditions for its people to grow and prosper in its world-class environment. Going beyond the stunning economic growth, UAE is fast emerging as an example for the world in all-around human development ranging from science and technology, education, art and culture, tolerance & many more.’

Instagram: @sonusultaniaa


Julia Smolenkova, Russia 

Julia is an avid traveler and explores worldwide cities to acquire her inspiration, which result in the development of new collections that are exhibited regularly. Painting Dubai under the Golden Sky depicts the first impression of this City covering by the golden sky.

Instagram: @julia_smolenkova


Renata Athanasio, Brazil

Title: Wingspan and Gaits

This artwork mixes two of the most iconic animals of the Arabic peninsula, the Falcon and the Horse. While the falconry was once an important form of hunting in a resource-scarce land, today it is revered, due to the sense of courage, honour and nobility. The Arab horse was developed in a desert climate and was prized by the Bedouins, often being brought inside the family tent for shelter. Selective breeding created unique characteristics such as cooperative relationship with humans, intelligence and willingness to please. Those symbols merge together with an unique abstract background and gold details.

Title: Sheikh Zayed Mosk

This is the first work of a collection called Men Made Marvels, which aims to highlight the ability of human beings to build wonderful things. The inspiration for painting the mosk came after a trip to Abu Dhabi. As an architect, I was impacted by the grandeur of the building contrasting with the delicacy of the colorful marble floral mosaics and the predominance of the white color that was colored with the reflections of the sunset. The hand with the brush and over scaled represents the synthesis of the collective, referring to the joint effort of many workers and showing that union is strength.

Instagram: @artby_ath


Silvia Sidorov, Romania

“Fear nothing. Dare”

This painting encapsulates the portrait of an Emirati lady having nearby the national symbols of the UAE.

“The Bedouin”

An abstract representation of a Bedouin with his falcon.

“The Camel”

I consider camels to be very charming with their long lashes and elegant silhouette. This is a one-line abstract artwork, depicting the joyful moment of encountering a camel in the desert.

Instagram: @silvia_sidoroff

Stefano Avalis, Italy

Starry night in Dubai. Painted oil on canvas, the sky of the Starry Night painted by Van Gogh and an area of the city of Dubai is represented. Due to the similarity of the shape, I replaced the cypress with the Burj Khalifa and the landscape of the original painting with buildings around the Burj Khalifa trying to reproduce the buildings with the same style of the works of Van Gogh. The beauty of the works of Van Gogh joins the current beauty works.

Sacred Hawk. Painted oil on canvas. Fast animal with character. Loved in the UAE. Symbol of power

Arabian horse. Oil painting on canvas. Stability idea given by the two hooves that touch the ground, by the horizontal line of the horizon and by the strokes given with the artist’s palette knife under the horizon line. Movement given by the horse’s walk, sensation of elevation also given by the background painted with vertical strokes. Loved by the Arabs and by all lovers of these animals.

Instagram: @stefanoavalis

Kavita Sriram, India

Artwork 1 – ” Arabia “

Description – Having lived for almost 3 decades in the Arabian continent, have always found the Desert truly Magical.

This large textured Painting with a lot of detailing, is a testimony of my patience.

Artwork 3 – ” Wataniya “

Description – A Mixed Media Painting done to show my respect & love for this Country – U.A.E which has been my home over the last 20 years.

In this Painting I have tried to portray & tell a story of the journey the Country has made, from the Bedouin settlements to the day where U.A.E has progressed & diversified to a great Nation all set to embrace the Expo 2020.

U.A.E celebrates the Year of Tolerance 2019, it truly is a mixed pot of cultures emphasising on the values of peace, co-existence, tolerance & openness to different cultures.

Instagram: @kavzarts


Vasundhara Nanavati, India

Al Seef Solitude 

The rustic Al Seef offers  a sense of solitude to be with yourself away from the hustle bustle and glamour that Dubai is known for. This place has a very special memories here I could spend an idle afternoon chatting with friend while on a sketching outing.  The other was in the evening when the soothing breeze gave a moment to enjoy the pause in time.

By the Creek

Creek in Dubai is one of my favourite places as it has the blend of the old and new Dubai.  This is the place from which Dubai has grown to what it is today.  The background has all the new buildings like the Rolex and others while the foreground reflects the old charm of the abras.

Commute to the library

This is a scene which I generally see while going to the library.  Commuting through the metro offers a beautiful aerial view of the city with villas flanked by trees.  This painting captures one such view on a lazy summer afternoon. 

Instagram: @vasundhara_artspace

Petra Kaltenbach, Germany


When Petra Kaltenbach moved from Germany to the UAE in 2004, she immediately noticed the transformative energy in the country. Petra felt how things were moving, how they were progressing. From the old to the new. From the ” Me” to the “We.”

Building unity is certainly one of the greatest and most difficult goals to achieve. The UAE has been following this path very consistently for 50 years and has already achieved remarkable results:

They united the 7 Emirates continuously and opened more and more to the most different nationalities to make the “world” more and more a unity also here, in the UAE.

The UAE was and is on the way from the “ME” to the “WE” on the most different levels of life – as a constant task and ongoing process.

Petra’s statement: “My art-video ‘UNITY’ shows that there does not seem to be much difference between the “ME” and the “WE”. Nevertheless, the WE is a (social) mirror of the “ME”. To accept this mirror and to live the unity of one’s own “ME” with the “ME’s” of all other people is a development process that will surely take a very long time.”

Instagram: @petra_kaltenbach

Meera Chokshi, Kenya


The history of horse riding in the UAE comes from the religious and spiritual significance of horse riding.

It is a religious practice to ride horses as it is believed that it improves both the mental and physical health. Also, there is a spiritual perspective as well because the connection created by the rider and the horse is different from, say, a human and another human. Additionally, horses were, along with camels, the only mode of transport before cars were introduced. Horses are a giant symbol of the UAE culture along with the ghaf tree and the falcon. They are held to such high regards, and they’re seen as extremely important to sustain the heritage of the UAE. This is because they are seen as a way to uphold the traditional values of pride and honor.

Sheikh Zayed had a genuine attachment to the “asil Arabian horse” and his obvious love is followed by the people of the UAE. His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has also inherited the love of horses and has accomplished and recorded a series of international successes in horse racing competitions. He established the Godolphin stable, named after his favorite Arabian horse, Godolphin, in 1994 and he is also a recipient of the Special Award of Merit at the Cartier Awards in 2008. Stables in Abu Dhabi were established in 1969 and used as private stables for horses of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In 1980, Shaikh Zayed commenced a breeding programme for what Emiratis call “asil” which means “purebred” Arabian horses in his royal stables.

Instagram: @meirabymeerachokshi and @meera.manish

Vinu Aravind, India

This artwork is a reflection of the past, the present and the unity of the Emirates. 2nd December 1971,when emirates banded together at Union House, to form the United Arab Emirates. 

The father of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi’s late ruler Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum along with the rulers of remaining 5 emirates, not only worked hand in hand but also they lifted each other with all means and with their hands locked together they spearheaded a revolution in economic growth. 

In this painting, I would like to depict their visionary work that lifted, motivated and supported each other “hand in hand”. 

The Mighty hands represents our great leaders who stood for “Unity” and decided to empower the Nation by working “hands in hands”. Through this painting,I would like to share a glimpse of how UAE has emerged from its oil discovery, fishing and pearl diving. I have also added a few landmark buildings like Burj Khalifa, Bur Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Twin Towers and Expo Pavilion to showcase the progressive growth in our economy over the past 50 years.

Instagram: @vinar.creations


Neveen Al Nadi, Egypt

Dubai’s Museum of the Future

The design of this painting is inspired by the view of Dubai`s Metro and The iconic Dubai’s Museum of the Future one of the world’s most beautiful museums, The impressive building can be seen in the painting from Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road next to Emirates Towers.

The museum presents the UAE’s and the world’s gateway to the future with its design and latest technologies.

The calligraphy that adorns the façade includes quotes by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

Among them are: “We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone,” and “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it… The future does not wait… The future can be designed and built today.”

The Astronaut

The design of this painting is inspired by the Emirates Mars mission which was performing a successful orbit entry maneuver on 9 February 2021.

I also added old pearl extraction boat as it was the basic craft in the ancient Emirates, and in the combination of the old boat and the journey to Mars, I am trying to show extent the significant and quick progress over the past 50 years.

Also the Astronaut do the three finger right hand gesture, coined by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, means Win, Victory and Love, and the extended upward thumb in his left hand Indicates that the mission has successfully done.

Instagram: @neveen_paintings

Waleed Al-Taleb, Iraq

Faith | Abu Dhabi. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. One of the most beautiful icon worldwide (attachment_1)

My 2 Love| Dubai. The 2 of my favorite Icons, not only in Dubai but worldwide (attachment_2)

From Sharjah with Love | Sharjah. The amazing sunset merge with faith (attachment_3)

The highest peak Mountain | Ras Al Khaimah. Jebel Jais, The UAE’s highest peak @1,934 m above sea level (attachment_4)

Instagram: @waleedaltaleb_fotografyart


Snehita Gehlot, India

This painting tells the story how UAE as a country has grown over the years and has very inspiring and evolutionary journey, some of the highlights I Imagined to put together in this piece. 

It starts from very tough pearl diving without any equipments, when diver would put a wooden clip on their nose and dive in with a net bag around their neck to collect oyester’s shells and pearls and come with the help of rope pulling them up again.. This past is as precious as pearls.

And from sand dunes to skyscrapers the growth is remarkable.

 Now its one of the best travel destinations, where flights from every corner of the world is welcome, Dubai have sky diving and zip line for adventure seeking souls, also has many of the world records including the tallest building Burj khalifa , Luxurious hotel like Burj Al Arab, and also has touched space by Emirati astraunout, And to frame everything together we have Majestic Dubai frame ,This evolution definitely need powerful and visionary leaders. Totally insipired by the leaders and how the country people love and respect them so much.. 

This is my humble attempt to showcase the journey of UAE. 

Tried my Imagination to put up on canvas with so much love and respect for this place.

Instagram: @snehiart


Amna Abdulla AlFalasi, UAE

The artwork describes the UAE metaphorically which is highlighted in the illustration ( UAE map) as a radiating pulse that emits golden rays of positive energy, inspiration prosperity, life , acceptance and happiness to its people and to other countries. 

The UAE is in the pulse of every loving citizen and resident who lives on its land and this artwork is a message of love and belonging to the UAE. 

Instagram: @atelierconsulting

Sindhuja Galipalli, India

Artwork 1: Burj Khalifa

Description: A painting filled with colors that expressed my emotions when I moved to Dubai. A city full of life, opportunity, new hope, fun, freshness, and excitement. The artist uses abstract art as a medium to express the love she has for the city that twinkles at night. The fabulous and soothing colors of the city make this painting stands out. The eye-catching lights that a city holds give this art piece a very unique meaning. This painting is a way the artist sees lights that shine in beautiful Dubai which has inspired this painting. The simplicity of this painting creates depth makes this painting bring a smile to your face and makes you happy from within. This unique artwork ties the magical world of Dubai as an urban city and love with the creativity and vision of the artist. 

Instagram: @sindhuartworld

Graciela Noemi Ghirardosi, Argentina

“Tribute” is a mixed media artwork in which a horse is represented in a very modern, stylized design using the colours of the United Arab Emirates flag. The artist mixes sand from Abu Dhabi dunes with the acrylic paint to create texture and she includes seven horseshoe nails in the mane of the horse, representing the seven cervical vertebrae that compose the skeleton of the neck and the seven Emirates that constitute this country.

Instagram: @gracielanoemiarg


Yousra Wahba, Egypt

Artowork name: Dessert beauty

Description: She is clothed with strength and dignity… she is courageous and beauty… she is coming from the heart of the Arabian desert… The range of tone of highlight & shadow gives you visual texture & composition of the desert.

Instagram: @_yousra_w

Petra von Lutterotti, Germany

Petra has been creating art in the UAE for many years and her work refects her admiration for the beauty and the strenght of women in the country.

Instagram: @petravonlutterotti

Vera Gondard, France

The artwork Name: My limit is beyond the sky

It’s an emirati women with a colorfull traditional burqua’a to represent how, over the years, the women in UAE progressed so fast while conserving their traditions and emirati values. The butterflies represents beauty and freedom of the emirati women. 


Romeo Salem Robis, Philippines

Title: Together, we are connected in spirits and hearts

Description: This artwork was greatly inspired by how family represents the heart of the nation and through the hands of our children, we build theirs and our future. All the symbols and colors reflect the values and essence of the UAE.

Title: Wisdom of the Past, Love of the Present, and Hope for the Future

Description: This artwork is centered around the concept of past, present, and future where the 3 people symbolize and how they are connected in some ways.

Instagram: @romyrobis_art


Aslin Rinita, India

ART NAME : 4 Frames

To honor the 50th Anniversary of the UAE and to showcase the progress of this great nation from a unique trading hub to a world leader in embracing future technology. A significant turn back in time to a future vision is depicted in this art to show how much we have achieved over the last 50 years and how we are passionate towards the future. The first frame shows a glimpse of the famous Deira Creek going back in time to show where it all started with trading in the UAE. Moving to the second frame shows the discovery of oil also known as black gold. With the discovery of oil the nation went on to build its infrastructure from strength to strength. To symbolize that stands tall Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah as an engineering Marvel in the globe is shown in the third frame. With the world marching towards 4IR, we cannot be compromising the planet with carbon emissions. Hence the country is a front runner in adapting renewable energy and modern buildings powered with Renewable energy and terrace gardening thus cooling the planet. The country’s advancement in technology with space, EV’s powered by renewable energy and futuristic buildings is shown in the last frame.

Instagram: @passion_board

Diana Shaykhutdinova, Russia

Diana Shaykhutdinova is a UAE based Russian artist specializing in contemporary, abstract and action who mainly works in oil and acrylic.

UAE day series:Amazingly UAE has collected everything that attracts, delights and inspires me: a variety of nature, people and cultures mixed with tranquility, peace and sustainable development.

The main theme of works is that there is beauty in every single line- the line of movement of a dance in the desert, the line of a galloping horse or the line of the nature.


Marie Jellovel G. Lapating, Philippines

The Great Leader’s Land is a condensed illustration of the country’s aspiration of improving lives, bringing in the culture and heritage to the present and for future generation to see and deliberately sustaining nature and wildlife preservation..

The Sheikh Zayed Series

The Sheikh Zayed series were meticulously made by the artist from spray painting, sketching to hammering regular nails for hours. The artist has to create a consistent height and durability that would stand against the threads as they tightened during the process.

The artist sprayed the wood with neon colors of yellow orange and violet background. This lifted and 3D-fied the main focus of the works. Each thread is carefully placed to each nail, and the artist assured each placement. She created a space for the lighter parts and tight spacing for the darker shades. This process distinctively formed the face of Sheikh Zayed. The work process of art lasted for 2 months.

Instagram: @jelodotart

Louisa Bakhmullaeva, Azerbaijan 

Bakhmullaeva Luiza portrait artist  / self-taught artist from Azerbaijan. children’s toy designer and wall mural artist.  from childhood she loved to get involved in art and her hobby turned into a favorite thing.

1. Arabic family 

living in the UAE it is impossible not to be inspired by local customs. especially local people can inspire, they are beautiful in their own way

2. Space love

My favorite topic of space is hotly debated this year in the UAE. decided to combine this theme with the theme of love

3. Woman cosmonaut

the event that the UAE is preparing a woman to be sent into space speaks volumes!

Instagram: @louisa.bakh

Rajni Madhra, India

Title   Hatta – A Day at the Beach

This painting depicts morning activities at the beach in a coastal village in Hatta in the United Arab Emirates. Clear bright sky and brilliant colors of the sea give a feeling of joy and warmth as does the people of U.A.E.

Instagram: @rajnimadhraartworks

Paulomi Rana, India

Title: Hatta

A larger roundabout has been built in Hatta at a cost of Dh1.7 million after complaints from residents. Maitha bin Udai, chief executive of Traffic and Roads Corporation for the RTA, said the corporation received numerous complaints from residents that the Shaabiyat Hatta roundabout was too small, so it was expanded to allow for the passage of trucks and heavy vehicles. When I saw this monument, I got attracted by its design and structure. So, what I thought and felt about this beautiful monument, I expressed through painting.

Title: Al Bidya Mosque, UAE Heritage

One of the oldest mosques in the UAE, Al Bidyah Mosque stands testament to the cultural heritage of Fujairah. The historical landmark that dates back to the 15th century tells stories of historical civilizations and is a window to the innovative engineering of that era. The mosque’s history, aesthetics, and strategic location make it a highly-frequented destination by history buffs and visitors to Fujairah. Today also visitors are going there and offer their prayers too. When I saw this monument, I got attracted by its design and structure. So, what I thought and felt about this beautiful monument, I expressed through painting.

Instagram: @paulomipaints

Viktoryia Vinnikava, Belarus

ARTWORK NAME: Qasr Al Hosn, the silent witness of Abu Dhabi growth and development

DESCRIPTION: Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest fort in Abu Dhabi, which witnessed the city growing and changing. It is the one constant monument in the heart of the capital which still has the same look as many years ago.

TECHNIQUE USED: To create this photograph I used “Multiple exposure photography technique”: to show the main subject (Qasr Al Hosn) standing still surrounded by modern buildings and vegetation changing and developing. I re-processed the original file in Photoshop to visualize the concept the way I see it, using the original multiple exposure file mixed with single files created during the same time.

Instagram: @vinnikava

Website: HOME | fineart2016 (

Maram Bahaa, Egypt

As a collage artist, I believe that collage is a language of its own, that is why I tried to move away from the typical and much anticipated art to something that is totally different and unique.    

In the attached piece, I collected images from different magazines and I ripped the images by hand to give it a raw impression. I tried to highlight some pivot events in UAE with a focus on the cultural aspect and present time. This also represent my own impression of UAE (being a residence for almost 20 years). 

Instagram: @collartbymaram

Clare Napper, UK

‘Ajman’ : Torn paper collage 2.2 x 3.5 m

This was a piece I created for Ajman Arts Festival (Al Murabbaa). 

I spent time in Ajman getting to know the city and then made a poster that captured my impression of the place and the people I met. The final poster I presented on a collage of torn flyers, logos and signage from local Ajman businesses. Celebrating ‘bad’ graphics and signage, I took photos of the most well known eateries, souqs, shops, companies, fun parks, redrew their signs, recoloured them and blew them up large. Pasted them up and then ‘let rip’ to create a collage as backdrop to my new poster. I hoped that Ajman locals recognised some of these neighbourhood spots. Was a lot of fun and a technique I would like to investigate further.

Instagram: @highlifeposters


Christine Elizabeth Dessa, India

1. Arabian Pot – Watercolor on cold pressed paper.

It is believed that the history of pottery in the UAE goes back to the Umm Al Nar era, which dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. 

2. Doorway – Watercolor on cold pressed paper.

A traditional Arabic house showing the main entrance (majaz) opening into a courtyard.

3. Oryx – Watercolor on cold pressed paper.

The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of the UAE and though it seems to lack in colour, it was magnificent to paint.

Instagram: @cdessart

Lourdy Ghorayeb, Lebanon

The artwork name is: The Great Leaders. 

These two artworks were installed at Axiom Telecom headquarter capturing the great leaders of Dubai in a minimal line art portrait style. These pieces were made out of powder coated metal. 

Instagram: @inkyways

Mike Arnold, USA

Title: ‘Running Wild’

My inspiration behind this work was an overlap that I have experience living in the UAE for at the time 10 years, along of the vitality, energy and enthusiasm of the emerging and evolving UAE and the transition and emergence of my new artistic/painting career “Running Wild’ and having its foundations and inspiration from the desert sands, environment and uncertain winds. Nothing represents the energy and beauty of the UAE more than the majesty of the Arabian stallion. My love of horses throughout my life coupled with the maverick life style that I have chosen to follow, paired with my new home of Dubai, created the basis for this work and one of my first horse paintings in my new painting adventure.

Title: ‘Leader’

My inspiration behind this work, besides trying to capture the grandeur, energy and strength of the ‘Father’ of the UAE, who I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet, was to explore painting Sheikh Zayed in a new format for me – oil paint on etched glass. Painting on glass allows light to illuminate the work from both sides of the creation, providing a depth and dimension that cannot be captured on a canvas painting alone.
The gestalt painting technique that I followed led me down a path of only placing the marks on the glass that I felt were needed, necessary and important to convey the wisdom and spirit of this extraordinary individual and visionary of the UAE.

Little did I know when I placed the final mark on the painting and the painting was hung in my studio for over 6 months, that a visitor came in and after I shared the story behind my inspiration for the painting, she commented, “isn’t it interesting that the void that you left on the left check (a we look at the painting) of Sheikh Zayed – to me, looks like the outline of the UAE…” Any similarities to the UAE map outline were not intensional, but isn’t it interesting.

Title: ‘Dusk’

My inspiration behind this work and the other piece for the 2018 exhibition, was a combination of the magnificent architecture and extraordinary light that that architecture captures and reflects upon the viewer of this amazing structures and how these monuments represent the UAE throughout the world.
The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of my favorite architectural works in the world and during one of my many visits to the Mosque, at sunset, I capture the captivating brilliant light and the kaleidoscope of changing colors of the setting sun reflecting off of the spectacular details, shapes and elements of the architectural gem and spiritual landmark.

Instagram: @mikearnoldart


Matt Ryder, UK

This large painting is based on a small quick plein air painting completed in a beautiful spot in Fujairah that offers up spectacular views of the Hajar mountains. If you look closely you will see a village nested at the base of the mountain where lucky villagers will get to see this spectacle daily.

While hiking and painting around Wadi Naqab in Ras Al Khaimah, I happened upon this oasis of shade where I could take a break from the midday heat. The Acacia tree with all of its intricacies provides great shade and allows for beautiful dappled light to shine through its branches so I decided I would do a painting of it to mark one of my favorite spots in the area.

Wadi giants 120cm x 90cm – Oil on linen

The entry to Wadi Naqab is one of the region’s truly magnificent spectacles. The rising rock reminds me of giants standing guard over the Wadi, only a large vertical painting would do this justice and capture the scale accurately.

Kristel Bechara, Lebanon

The Magnificent Seven:

The depiction of seven galloping horses, has great significance for the artist. They symbolize success and power in Vaastu and in classical Feng Shui applications, which inspired the artist to create a piece that represents perseverance, distinguished success and prosperity.


Cryptocurrencies are the future of currency. Just like every community that exists on the Internet, the crypto community has also developed its own lingo and terminology. This artwork is a figurative depiction of the term, Mooning, which refers to the explosive rise of a certain currency’s value. This can lead to a frenzy as crypto traders buy as many units of the currency as possible and those who already have the currency, hold on to it as its value soars to the moon. 

Instagram: @kristelbechara


Houria Akbar Mughal, Pakistan

1: UAE, the land of dreams. This painting, titled 50, is a presentation of UAE’s development in these golden fifty years. With a vision so strong, the country’s remarkable continuing progress is an inspiration for dreamers like me, to believe, work hard and achieve. 

2: The country I was born in, the country I call home is the UAE. From desert to as full as an ocean, this painting is a metaphoric progress of the country’s achievements which is getting even fuller in the coming years.

Instagram: @houriart

Nithin B Orappankal, India

Paper Collage-Dubai

It was a handmade collage. To make this work of art I cut out an old magazine paper and glued it with glue. I use ads on magazine sheets to get different color shades. No pencils or scissors are used. I only use an old magazine, glue and white paper for the background. The pieces of paper are cut by hand. I love dubai. and I wonder about its architecture.this leads me to making this artwork.

Instagram: @nithin_b_orappankal