Child of Earth by Pasha Cas
To honour the Earth day Kazakhstani artist Pasha Cas created "The Child of Earth" that addresses our personal relationship with the environment.

Do you often ask yourself “what is really going on?”

If you look at things from the perspective of the universe, we are moving through time and space on a funny little blue ball, along with 7 other planets led by a red hot star.

None of us know: why, where, and how it happened. Physicists certainly have their theories, but it is unlikely that most of us delve into them. We are always more concerned with our daily affairs, and although this is not a very calm time, I suggest to put all domestic worries aside for a moment and find out what day is today.

Today is the day of Mother Earth

The day of our common home

The day when we can thank Earth for giving us the opportunity to live here.

The day when we can discuss global and environmental issues. To remember that there should be a balance between economic, industrial and ecological growth. To think about the fact that everyone can do something useful for our planet. Especially now during the global pandemic, it is obvious that each of us doesn’t really need so much. Universal quarantine and the closure of factories allowed the Earth to breathe fully for the first time in 100 years. Let’s take this tragic but certainly significant experience and transfer it to our future perception of reality and change our world order. It is in our power to adapt a new and more conscious and careful in relation to the Earth after we recover the pandemic.

Our planet is not only our common home – it is also part of you and me. We coexist as a whole organism.

The quality of our lives and our future depend on the state of the planet.

We float in cold space on this huge spaceship that we call Earth, and if you slow down for a moment and think about it- what a miracle it is that you and I have an opportunity to be on it.

Congratulations, Earthlings!

Artist: Pasha Cas 
Photo: Pavel Fedorov
Color: Victoria Petrova
Text editor: Anna Sadykova 
Location: Kazakhstan, Almaty