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Fann À Porter in collaboration with Astrid Lesuisse presents Couture Divas, an exhilarating exhibition during Women's History Month, featuring the remarkable works of UAE-based artist, Azaïdé.

Couture Divas, a two-year project by Azaïdé, showcases vibrant and expressive pieces that celebrate independent and strong women in diverse settings. The collection highlights the heritage of various patterns, seamlessly blending vintage and modern codes into authentic traditional wear.

Azaïdé draws inspiration from her grandmother, who has been a profound influence on the artist’s life. Her grandmother’s stories about advocating for women’s rights in North Africa left a lasting impression on Azaïdé, who views her as a role model. The artist’s name is also derived from her grandmother’s travels to Iran in the ’80s, where she discovered the Persian word ‘Azadeh’, which translates to ‘free-minded’. This name aptly reflects Azaïdé’s artistic inspirations and her mission to promote emancipation and liberation through her Couture Divas collection.

As7ab and Ryders. Mixed media on canvas. 120 x 80 cm 

“It is important to highlight the beauty and courage of every woman. Through my work, I pay a tribute to all of them. Being a woman, a mum and an artist may be challenging, but Dubai has been great for honouring female artists and highlighting their work by having a proactive policy when it comes to women’s rights,” said Azaïdé on her collection. 

Founder of Fann À Porter, Ghada Kunash, stated, “It brings us great pleasure to showcase Azaïdé’s collection during Women’s History Month, as we are delighted to support and celebrate her work, which beautifully preserves Arab heritage and celebrates women everywhere.”

Big Hessa and MC Nadia. Mixed media on canvas. 70 x 45 cm 

Azaïdé’s creative process is fascinating. She begins by selecting an old black and white photograph and envisions a story about the women portrayed in the image. Through her art, she empowers women to shatter boundaries and explore their full potential by creating new narratives. Azaïdé incorporates modern elements from pop culture to ensure that everyone can relate to her pieces.

Astrid Lesuisse exhibition collaborator and curator expressed her excitement about the upcoming pop-up exhibition, stating, “It has been an absolute honor to be part of the Couture Divas project that tells a story of strength and confidence, highlighting the beauty and determination of women in creating a more balanced world. Azaïdé’s work is a celebration of Arab heritage, showcasing her unique interpretation of traditional Arab attire and dress with a modern twist that empowers and encourages global cross-cultural dialogue, inspiring us all.”

Aaliya Cruz. Mixed media on canvas. 70 x 45 cm 

The exhibition will open on Monday, 20 March at 7pm at Fann À Porter, gallery space located at The Workshop Dubai, located at Villa 45 – St. 23b – Al Wasl Rd opposite Box Park – Jumeirah 2, Dubai, U.A.E.

About the Artist

Azaïdé, a multi-faceted artist with French, Algerian, and Spanish heritage, who was raised in Madagascar, has been calling Dubai her home for the past eight years. Having developed a deep-seated passion for art during her upbringing, she ventured into the fashion industry in China before eventually settling in Dubai in 2015. Azaïdé’s insatiable appetite for diverse patterns and colours culminated in a fusion of retro-pop-art-revolutionary, which she artfully captures through her unique approach to photography, fashion, and pop culture.

Driven by her admiration for cultural diversity, Azaïdé’s oeuvre aims to spark an intercultural dialogue, using a combination of vintage and vogue, tradition and innovation, art, and fashion. Through her intricate and time-consuming hand-embroidery process, she showcases women’s strength and independence in various settings, showcasing patterns’ heritage in her personal interpretation of traditional Arab attire infused with modern elements. Her artistic vision expertly fuses vintage and contemporary codes, resulting in a captivating visual experience.

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Lil Aisha. Mixed media on canvas. 120 x 80 cm 

About Astrid Lesuisse

Astrid Lesuisse is an independent art consultant specialising in Artists Management, Exhibitions Curation, Brand Collaborations, and Events Programming. 

It is a space to nurture artists that are marking their way in the art world, curating emotional connections with the public by sharing their stories in an approachable way. 

Upholding tradition while embracing modernity, Astrid Lesuisse highlights upcoming contemporary artists whose work embodies a hybrid culture developed from the crossroads of eastern and western influences through innovative art forms.

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Hustla Huda. Mixed media on canvas. 120 x 80 cm 

About Fann À Porter 

Fann À Porter is a contemporary art gallery at The Workshop Dubai that represents a diverse selection of emerging international and regional artists.

The gallery aims to nurture the burgeoning and dynamic contemporary art scene through quality exhibitions, non-profit events, auctions, and an active community program. The gallery’s exhibition program includes eight curated exhibitions a year and features artists working across diverse media.

Fann À Porter has established a series of dialogues and collaborations with curators, writers, governmental entities, and institutions to affirm its commitment to support the long-term development of young contemporary artists from the Middle East.

By hosting regular public programming including exhibitions, talks, and non-profit and charitable initiatives, and by participating in fairs, Fann À Porter has established itself in forefront of the region’s exciting art landscape.

Founded in 2006 by Ghada Kunash, Fann À Porter is based at The Workshop, a unique inter-disciplinary community space consisting of an art gallery, a sustainable store, a design studio, and a cafe. The Workshop aims to engage the audiences, and support the development of Dubai’s arts scene through its extensive programs, educational initiatives, and community projects.

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