Known for its exquisite cuisine, sophisticated cocktails, stylish parties and captivating beats, COYA is delighted to reveal its very own unique collection of NFT artworks, curated in honour of the brand’s 10-year anniversary.

Further strengthening its art and design-focused DNA, the immersive 360-degree lifestyle brand is uniting digital artists on a global scale, who designed and created an NFT, or a collection of NFTs, that represent each vibrant COYA venue found in London, Paris, Monte-Carlo, Mykonos, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Doha. 

Officially launching on Monday, October 3, all the series of NFT’s will be listed on the Art page of the COYA website, allowing NFT enthusiasts and tastemakers to purchase the exclusive collection.

Filled with eclectic and unique NFTs, the project symbolises COYA’s ever increasing commitment to supporting local, up-and-coming artists, and it also forms part of the global brand’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.  

Yannis Stanisiere, Chief Operating Officer of COYA Restaurants & Pisco Bar explains “The 10-year anniversary NFT collection is one of our most exciting projects this year and it holds enormous significance for us. It symbolises our passion for art, and the fact that we are a progressive and forward-thinking lifestyle brand that is always eager to explore new trends and go boldly. Every art piece is distinctly unique, and each tells its own enrapturing story. The collection showcases the enchanting and fascinating cultures of the cities and countries that COYA is proud to call home. From our flagship location in COYA Mayfair to the recently opened COYA Riyadh, each branch has its own unique personality, but this project symbolises that all nine of our eclectic and sophisticated locations all share the same creative and artistic DNA.”

Matt Griff creates striking NFTs for COYA Mayfair and COYA City

Starting in the UK capital, the flagship COYA Mayfair and COYA City have enlisted self-taught artist Matt Griff to create their striking NFTs. Born in France and now based in London, Matt also contributed to COYA’s recent Pisco Jar Project art collaboration, and his contemporary, Picasso-influenced paintings are just as impactful in digital form as they are on canvas. 

Lukas Avalon designs NFTs for COYA Monte Carlo and COYA Paris

Hopping over to Monte Carlo, Lukas Avalon is bringing his street art-style and Andy Warhol-inspired designs to the NFTs of COYA Monte-Carlo and COYA Paris. The Monégasque artist has created two uniquely designed NFT’s that pay tribute to Grace Kelly, the people’s Princess of Monaco, and the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, a haute couture icon like no other in Paris.


Samantha Lomas draws inspiration from the Greek islands for COYA Mykonos NFT collection

Moving to the blue seas and white sands of the Greek islands, COYA Mykonos has collaborated with Samantha Lomas, the talent behind the women-empowerment brand The Sassy Crayon. Passionate about uplifting female artists, Samantha paints in an abstract and realist style that’s filled with playful wonderment and symbolic images.

Her COYA collection combines traditional techniques with modern technologies to take viewers on a symbolic journey through Incan mythology that honours the past, present and the future. Each NFT represents a different Incan god, including majestic and awe-inspiring figures such as COYA – Queen of the Incas and Mama Quilla – God of the Moon. The creative, Dubai-based artist made her head-turning, neon-coloured COYA collection using a fusion of mixed media, acrylics, gold leaf, spray paint and oils.

Puja Tiwari merges COYA’s vibrant values and the history of the UAE to curate NFTs for COYA Dubai and COYA Abu Dhabi

I strongly believe that the face of art has forever been changed with the introduction of NFTs. Initially known as a disruption, I think it is becoming an integral part of art for both physical and digital artists securing our work, taking away boundaries and helping us reach audiences around the world. Art doesn’t just belong to galleries and auctions, it is now decentralised and made accessible to all thanks to NFTs.

Over in the Middle East, UAE-based NFT artist Puja Tiwari channelled her colourful, whimsical and fantastical style into creating some unique curated pieces for COYA Dubai and COYA Abu Dhabi.

Known as 1800.Weirdo, her works are inspired by her vivid dreams and nightmares. She originally started to invest in art as a creative release from her corporate job, and she now thrives on the power and endless possibilities of digital collage art. Driven by a desire to allow viewers to experience new and unusual feelings, her work has previously been shown at prestigious NFT exhibitions across Dubai and Bahrain.

Influenced by the mystic tales of Peruvian culture, COYA’s vibrant values and the history of the UAE, her tenacious yet playful NFTs for COYA symbolise the fine line between masculine and feminine.

Like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, her pieces are built from the same values and ethos but still boast their own distinctive personality. Adorned with Aztec motifs in tribute to Peru and sand dunes in honour of Dubai’s natural surroundings, her female figure is an ode to COYA Dubai, while the male figure’s nautical theme represents COYA Abu Dhabi’s waterfront position on Al Maryah Island.

Simon McNally’s NFTs for COYA Doha reflects his interpretation of deep and meaningful emotions

In Qatar, COYA Doha’s digital masterpieces will feature the talents of Irish artist Simon McNally. An experimental creative who favours varied materials such as charcoal and oils, he has even been known to use real rocks and sand in his work. Simon challenges himself to represent deep and meaningful emotions in every piece, and he hopes to use his collaboration with COYA to inspire a whole new audience of art lovers. 

Christopher Hunt uses his bold yet minimalistic patters for COYA Riyadh’s NFT

Finally, established artist Christopher Hunt is collaborating with COYA Riyadh to bring his award-winning Distressed Design NFTs to the COYA 10-year anniversary celebrations. An internally acclaimed art director who has been recognised by the United Nations, his bespoke collection showcases the magical cultures of Peru and Saudi Arabia through bold yet minimalistic patterns made with patterns, leaves and colours that are inspired by both countries. Exploring the differences and similarities between the two nations and their beautiful natural landscapes, the pieces acknowledge fascinating historical aspects such as the importance of the traditional headdresses of Arabia, and the colonial patterns of Peru.

COYA will officially launch its 10-year anniversary NFT collection on Monday, October 3. 

To find out more about COYA’s commitment to the arts and view the full NFT exhibition, please visit the Arts page of the brand’s website here: