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The Ministry of Culture and Youth works to enrich the cultural ecosystem of the UAE by supporting the country’s cultural, art and heritage institutions. They will soon showcase a selection of Al Burda Award winning entries at Abu Dhabi Art 2021.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth is collaborating with Abu Dhabi Art to showcase a selection of Al Burda Award winning entries from the previous years at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair. The collection featuring Islamic Art from various genres such as ornamentation and calligraphy will be a part of the exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s 13th edition, which takes place from 17-21 November at Manarat Al Saadiyat.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth first partnered with Abu Dhabi Art in 2019 to showcase works of ten artists recipients of the prestigious Al Burda Endowment. The exhibition showcased a variety of artworks ranging from sculpture, textile-based work and photography to installation,
virtual reality, experiential projects and more. This collaboration underlines the Ministry’s continuing efforts to engage with local institutions to promote and strengthen Islamic Arts and Culture. The two entities have joined hands again this year to promote art and culture.

Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi

Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth, said:

Showcasing some of the best pieces from the Al Burda collection in Abu Dhabi Art reaffirms our trust in this international platform that brings the best of art from across the world. The Ministry of Culture and Youth is committed to supporting Islamic Art and promoting it not just within the
Islamic world but also among other cultures.

Art transcends cultures, religions and nationalities, and has a unique
power to unite people, this is what we seek to achieve through our participation in Abu Dhabi Art. Reaffirming the universality of art, the carefully curated Al Burda collection will be exhibited alongside other genres of art for visitors from different backgrounds to see and appreciate.
With attendees coming from all over the world, the exhibition also confirms the world’s trust in the UAE for safely hosting in-person large-scale events following the pandemic.

The annual Abu Dhabi Art Fair has announced a lineup of 50 local, regional, and international galleries participating in the fair’s 13th edition this year. Artworks from 19 countries will be presented by 14 new galleries and 36 returning galleries.

Building the momentum further will be Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s participation in Al Burda Festival to be held in from December 19-21, this year. Al Burda Festival will host an exhibition of selected artworks from the Abu Dhabi Art Fair, further reinforcing the collaboration between the two entities.

Launched in 2004, Al Burda Award reinforces the UAE’s message of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among people across the world by highlighting the diversity of Islamic art and by bringing people together through artistic and cultural endeavors. Al Burda Festival was launched
in 2018 to further promote this message. The name Al Burda comes from the thirteenth century poem by Imam Al Busiri, written in the praise of the Prophet Muhammad.

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